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Email distribution list to Private Lithium Group

We have an internal DL for our Engineers where they ask each other questions. It would be great if this could somehow be fed into a private group we have on the community. 


Email subject = article subject. Anything containing the same subject or Re:+same subject would be made into comments to that lithium article.


Post email contents as html article or comment including embedding the images.


If sent from address equals address of a user in the lithium system, post as them. If it does not, post a groupbot account.


I believe this could be done with a third party system correct? Anyone ever done this?

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Honored Contributor

We had the exact situation you have (e-mail distribution list for technical discussions). At the time, the it was feeding into SharePoint for storage. The problem is that no one really wanted to go there to look for the content and our customers weren't there. We also couldn't easily harvest the content to create knowledge base articles. So, we ended up shutting down the distribution list and moving everything to a private board on our community.


We've seen a lot of benefits from this approach and it saved us from having to implement a technical solution.

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