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Explanation of Notification Settings

I'm trying to find an explanation of the Notification Settings.  

Specifically, how are the Any edits and workflow requests in knowledge bases I subscribe to any different than the Edits to published knowledge base articles?  

I created a knowledge base article, subscribed to the category, and the knowledge base article.  I was working with someone else and we walked through these steps:

*I have "Any edits and workflow requests in knowledge bases I subscribe to' set to Immediately 
*I have "Edits to published knowledge base articles" set to Never

- He edited the knowledge base article and selected Publish.  I did not receive a notification.

- He edited the knowledge base article and selected Request Review (not publish) and I did not receive a notification

Therefore, I am stuck trying to figure out what this permission relates to and I do not see an article in the Khoros Community with an explanation of each notification setting.


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Hi Jamie,

This is indeed a confusion topic and I have seen results vary. 

There are some other settings that should be available that will affect which notifications you receive as well.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.50.02 PM.png

Did you have the last two checked in your testing? 

Also, the following topic might help as some similar testing was done regarding these notifications:


Lili McDonald
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I'm not necessarily trying to get specific notifications.  I'm trying to figure out what the Any edits and workflow is related to.  It's odd there is this much confusion and no one has quite figured it out.  

Hopefully, Khoros can chime in here and explain it to clear the confusion with all of us.

The other thread is great.  I had the same results as you did which makes it almost seem that the Edit and workflow requests notification must be paired with one or both of the two settings with the checkboxes.

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