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Google QA Structured Data



I want to confirm if Google QA structured data is supported or not? As per this blog it's supported but I can't see this implemented anywhere and earlier there were issues with this structured data type.





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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @hardials, Yes, it implemented. It is implemented for forum version 4 and 4+. Further, for forum version 4 and above, one needs to be on responsive skin. If your community has these pre-requisites, you can file a support ticket and this feature will be enabled for your community.


Thanks for raising this. The QA markup used to be presence for forum discussion style, but I can see it's not present any more as verified by Google's test tool:

Khoros Atlas solved topic:

Dataiku Community solved topic:

This must have been a recent regression. Might be related to either community version 20.3 or the threaded replies layout changes. I looked at a few Khoros customer communites but couldn't find any that that still have this QA markup present.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Claudius 

Let me check this and then circle back.


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Claudius , QA structured structured data is not turned on for Dataiku. Hence, you would not see. 




Wow! Indeed. I've requested enabling it via Khoros Support. This would make for a great candidate to have as an admin setting or studio feature btw.

And I am still surprised that it's gone from Khoros Atlas. I remember @ClaudiusH enabling it a while ago 🤔

@AndyK Would be good to have it re-enabled so Khoros customers can see how the markup looks like. And besides it should benefit SEO and search positioning for Atlas 🙂

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@NoorS , why isn't this enabled by default?

I thought it was enabled in 18.12 > release notes but it didn't work (see thread)

Did Khoros disable it for all customers, and now we must ask support to enable again? If so where was this communicated? If i'm confused, or this isn't the same thing please let me know



Community Manager

Thanks for flagging, will look to get it enabled again soon.

Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @tyw , customers need to be on forum version 4 and 4+ and should have responsive skin for this feature to work. Not everyone is on forum version 4 and have responsive skin. 

Hence, we enable it for the customers on need basis.



Thanks @NoorS 

I submitted a case last March (95089) and was told that the issue was fixed in 20.1, and didn't think of it until I saw this thread (we're on 20.3). I've reopened the ticket asking for it to turned on and referenced this thread. 

If the issue was fixed in 20.1, but not enabled by default again like it was when 18.12 was released a notice should be sent out so folks are aware and can ask for it to be enabled. 

If i'm missing something, or confused please let me know. 

Hello @NoorS I am the newbie here. I am developing and simultaniously at the moment.

  • Can you help me out where to raise a ticket to enable Google QA structured data for both our communities?
  • We are planning to build dedicated pages that display videos. Can you say anything about availability of Google Video structured data? Does Khoros or other communities have experience with that? Codewise it is a small leap from Google QA.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Hoekstra_VFZ , Apologies for the delay. Sure let me help you out. Presently, I cannot comment on the availability Video structured data but that is something definitely under consideration.

Requesting @KrisS to help us enable Google QA structured data for the communities.


Khoros Oracle

@Hoekstra_VFZ you should see the schema now on both communities. For tracking purposes, would you please contact and reference PDR-97628? My team should know what to do with that information.

Kris S.
Senior Manager, Technical Support

Thanks all! I will let support know the reference nr. I see QApage structured data is working on all forumopics with 1 or more answers so short term goal is achieved.

  • So without answers the QA structured data is not present. Kinda makes sense. This is as designed?
  • Google structured data test tool for all pages I've tested says: mainEntity doesnt have a value, this should have a value. Im not sure this has effect.

I have the plan to write a short javascript snippet that catches the QA properties and exchange them with Video properties for selected pages. Will let you guys know if this works out.


Yes i think khoros support structured data and presently, Khoros platform generates schema for forum pages link. Khoros platform enables Q&A structured data for forum pages and i have even checked it. Do you want me to show you examples i would be happy to show .

Sr. App developer,
UMC - More Info

Not sure if something is wrong with the QA structure on our pages. But the nr of QA errors detected by Google seem to stay around a stable 8,5K pages after a peak around the change from Insided to Khoros.


It says the field 'mainEntity' is missing.
Normally that would look something like this: 

"@context": "",
"@type": "QAPage",
"mainEntity": {
"@type": "Question",
"name": "How many ounces are there in a pound?",
"text": "I have taken up a new interest in baking and keep running across directions in ounces and pounds. I have to translate between them and was wondering how many ounces are in a pound?",
"answerCount": 3,
"upvoteCount": 26,
"dateCreated": "2016-07-23T21:11Z",
"author": {
"@type": "Person",
"name": "New Baking User"

For instance on Google search console detects this missing 'mainEntity'.

Does anyone know a fix and if this is supposed to happen and if this has a large influence on search? results?

Khoros Oracle

@Hoekstra_VFZ there was an issue discovered with Google page errors around "mainentity" which was fixed in our upcoming 21.3 minor release. If you open a support ticket and reference LIA-69964, we can work with you to get you upgraded to that release with the fix so you don't have to wait for a major release next month.

Kris S.
Senior Manager, Technical Support

Thanks Kris! I will raise a support ticket.


Hi @KrisS, circling back after a long time. Just want to check if Q&A structured data is not available for all the communities?

@hardials yes it is supported, but at present it's only enabled by request and needs to be turned on in the requested community's config by support. You can open a support case and request that be set to true and the team will take care of it.

Kris S.
Senior Manager, Technical Support

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