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How can i filter on interaction style on my profile page?

On my profile i can see al threads that i have been active in. I need to see a list of all ideas i have posted. 


Is there any way i can filter on interaction style on my profile?



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@anetteaustheim : In the same widget drop down you can able to see "My Latest  Contributions" there it will available all list of contributions. As of now, in the community, there is no way to filter based on the Interaction styles.


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Abhishek Illindra



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@anetteaustheim- This is not possible in out of box component as mentioned by @AbhishekIlindra. However, You can create custom component and add it to ViewProfilePage.


Here is the API v2 call for fetching the ideas.

SELECT id FROM messages WHERE'ideas' AND = '${}'


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@anetteaustheim   On below page you can get all the posts in which you involved.


Now you just need to add interaction-style in the URL to filter the required data(update your community base URL and your user id).


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