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How to create account-level summary of Lithium activity in Salesforce

We have the Salesforce integration installed and working well. It gives us Lithium activity information at the Contact level. We can also see all Lithium users in Salesforce and, if it exists, the corresponding Salesforce Contact record.

What we want is a summary of Lithium activity at the Account level. For example, when looking at an Account object page, I want to see the following:

  • Number of Contacts that are Lithium users
  • Total number of logins for all Account users
  • Total number of minutes online for all Account users
  • Total number of page view for all Account users
  • Total number of messages read for all Account users

Another thing that would a nice to have is to easily see which Contacts in an Account are also Lithium users. The way it works now, I have to click on every Contact in the Account to see if there is Lithium information. There is no indicator in the Contacts list to determine if there is a matching Lithium user record. 

Much thanks.

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Frequent Advisor

Just after posting this, I received this request from my sales team:

We are trying to find out a person who is logging into the community from AccountXYZ (prospect). Can you find those details?

 From what I can gather, this is would be one of the primary benefits of having the Lithium integration. Has anyone implemented a custom report or view in SFDC that provides this information?


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