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How to force-logout a user?


I just banned a spammer but I notice that they still show up as "logged in." Can I force a logout?

(side note: seems odd that banning a user doesn't automatically log them out)


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I've wondered about this as well.  

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Someone smarter from an engineering side could correct me, but I think the easiest way to 'kick them out' would be to just add a script to the page initialization that if the user status = banned, kick them to a banned page or some such thing. It would at least take care of letting them "in" until their session expires.

Also +1 you would think they would do this automatically.

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As @StanGromer mentioned, we did the same thing with one of our community. We check the user status on page init, and if user is banned we redirect them to a banned page and logged them out from the community at the same time.

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Thanks, @Parshant, @StanGromer, and @Gonzalles! Checking on page init seems straightforward enough. I’ll look into doing that.

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@CarolineS, Also in addition to my answer, add this context object


in place of redirect_url of setRedirectUrl context-object


Once the condition is matched, it will take user to logout page.

P.S: Do not add redirect variable directly without condition into page init, it will take you into a continuous loop, and can result to server down error into your community.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.
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@Parshant - thank you so much! Super useful!

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