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Including Screenshots in Forums / Discussions Post

I just entered my first reply to a discussion post and attempted to paste in a screenshot which did nothing. Is this functionality not available?  Is it coming soon?  This feels very basic and am hoping our users will have this when we launch.  Thanks for any info on this!  FYI @cgrinton @Kmay 

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Has the proposed solution come out yet?  It looks like even the temporary work around doesn't work now.

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Would love to see this too!

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Hi @shaji,

with editor V2 it should work to insert images from clipboard. Just had a quick try and it worked.


Hi everyone, this is definitely available since 19.6, and as @JuergenM mentioned, it should work right here, right now


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V2 is key to your success.  My TAM informed me there were issues/bugs with this current functionality so I have not upgraded to turn it on yet.

I need v2 first but I am not doing that until this is resolved.  Want to ensure a good experience for members. 

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We had issues with cut and paste not working on 19.6 @mhock, but they have been resolved in 19.7 so just make sure you are on 19.7 and you should be fine.

I just did a drag and drop for the image below and all is well.





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Awesome! Love thee thumbs up. I am excited to see this working on our

Looks like this does not work in the latest version released (19.8)

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@shaji We have 19.7 on production and 19.9 in stage and it works on both. 

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Ok didn't work on 19.6 and 19.8 for me. Will wait for next version

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