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Is there a setting so members don't go back to page 1 of board after accessing a thread?


I have a member complaint about searching through threads on a board/forum. If a person (especially important to a top contributors) is looking through a boards posts to find questions to help answer and is on page 7 of the thread feed for example and they click on a discussion and then back out of the discussion the system puts them back on page 1 not page 7.

Is there an admin panel setting to address this somehow?

Thanks, Sara


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Not a setting @sleslie2017 but your dev team should be able to tackle this problem. We use a "Load more" button to facilitate infinite scrolling rather than having seperate pages at board level. We were getting similar feedback that a user might click on the load more button a few times, find a discussion they are interested in, click on it and read it, then want to come back to the board and keep browsing from where they were up to. They were being forced to go back to the top and hit Load more again and again and find out where they were up to. Our dev team fixed the issue. Now our pages "remember" how many times you have hit the button - keeping that in a cache for that visit. 





hi @sleslie2017,

I am experiencing the same issue, especially when cleaning up the forums and going through dozens of pages. 

The only workaround that I use is opening the threads in a new browser tab. That way, I'm still on the last viewed page of the forum and I can browse the threads that interest me without losing the last page I visited. I hope it makes sense 😉



Director Community Management at Dynatrace

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