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Marking Posts as In-Progress

Hi everyone,


Our Community is fairly new so (for now) our Moderators are responding to posts fairly quickly - which has created a situation where one Moderator might jump in and try to answer the Members question, while another Moderator might already be working on it and waiting for a reply from our Product team or SMEs.


So we thought it would be nice to have some way to mark a hold on a post that only moderators can see to signal that a Moderator is already working on it.


Is this possible via out of box functionality? If not, has anyone come up with a way to implement this/simlar functionality? It looks like it may be possible to manage this scenario via LSW, etc, but we're currently not use LSW.




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Hi Brian!

Thanks for posting your question. Let me tell you, you're not the first asking about this. We have some specific situations where we run into this 'issue" as well, especially during a day where we have more experts on than questions.

I don't know how LSW works precisely but I do think your gut feel is right, there may be an opportunity there and I am sure others who use LSW will be able to comment.

I just wanted to let you know that there's even a couple of ideas open on this one, which you can


Read the whole thread below (page 2 especially) for the mentions of similar ideas on this topic


Hope this helps!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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We just started running into this as we're over-staffed ahead of the holiday season, and occasionally two people will hit Reply and start composing their responses around the same time.


Thanks for pointing out these related feature requests, @Wendy_S.

Thanks for the links Wendy. Good to know that we're not alone, and that there are some product suggestions already open for similar situations.


Fingers crossed we can see something in 2016 that helps with this issue, and in the meantime, we'll explore what options we might have with LSW (if any).



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