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More Information with Editor Tool - Is it a Bug?


I found more information on the different editor views with Forums version 5.  Has anyone else seen this or have any recommendations to figure this out?

Here are the questions I'm trying to answer.

  • Why is this editor tool showing limited functionality for Advanced HTML users and not Simple HTML users?
  • Why is this not documented in the Khoros Community so we are aware?
  • Why is the full editor tool showing for new topics no matter your HTML setting and only seems to be applied for replies with inline replies in Forums v5?

Support's Response: 

  • "e.g. users with simple HTML permission, will not the "Paragraph" option in the editor, while users with Advanced HTML permission will see that."
    • My Research: Simple HTML users are showing the full editor tool.
  • I want to inform you that although on granting permission to"Use full HTML in posts and signatures" permission in dev instance to username "...", we can make the full toolbar show up in the Dev instance while replying to a topic.
    • I don't want to give everyone full HTML permissions to see the full editor tool.  I just want to figure out why it is different for Advanced.


Simple HTML Users: 


image (408).png


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The post isn't showing the other two screenshots I posted.  I'm adding them here.

Also, this is only showing in replies to posts.  Advanced HTML users see the full editor tool when starting a topic.

Simple HTML users:

image (408).png


Advanced HTML Users:

image (407).png


Full HTML Users:

image (408).png



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Ugh sounds like a bug to me!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@jamiemccardle In Forums v5, we enhanced replies to provide inline and threading experience. 

Create, reply forms have different editors. I checked this and the behavior is a bug in the Reply Editor toolbar that is why users see a different toolbar when given advanced HTML permission. I have logged it and I will provide an update once it is resolved. 

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@SohilM  wrote:

Create, reply forms have different editors.

Why so complicated? Using always the same editor would it made much easier for all of us.

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