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Publish an image without a Studio Publish

Hi there,


We are looking for some suggestions to our problem.

Basically we have a banner on our community homepage, which will be updated regularly (possibly every day).

The problem is we don't want to do a studio publish every day because at the same time we most likely still have some stuff in progress that are not meant to go live.


We also thought about maybe we can upload the image outside Lithium servers, then reference it in a component. However we prefer to avoid this option.


Is there any way within Lithium to avoid a studio publish while publishing a content live (in our case it is an image).





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@lleonyta - Yes, you could do that. However, in first place you'd need to make a customization which would allow the image to be refrenced from the custom content in the admin. Then, you can upload the images in your CDN or wherever, and update the custom content in the admin whenever required.


This is the basic one, however we have made an advance customization to one community where we have provided the ability to the admin to change the hero images, and the other images/ content from the admin itself without having to do a studio push. We provided a custom tool which helped them speed up the process and call it Landing Page Moderation.



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There is a custom content component that once added to the page can be updated via custom content in the admin. I am assuming your homepage is a different template than your other pages. You add the custom content component to the homepage template in studio (make sure you know which custom component you are adding to the page). I would recommend testing on stage, but the directions for the admin peice are the same on stage and production. In Admin under content>Custom content, put the content you want in the custom content which can be HTML and freemarker text. Not sure where you are hosting the image, but you can go about it 1 of 2 ways, either reupload the new image with the same name so the banner changes automatically, or you will need someone that knows enough html to know where to change the image name if the image upload is a different name every time in the custom content module in admin.


Note, even if you put content in the staging admin custom content, you will need to readd in production since admin settings don't transfer in staging pushes.


It is a clunky process and I wish Lithium would make it a little easier, but this is what we have. I did float the idea for the custom content module to be WYIWYG, but never got voted on.


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