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Release calendar

is there any release calendar for the lithium communities app? where i can find the upcoming release details.?

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No, they generally post the release details in Atlas a few weeks before it is going to be coming out.

May i know , exactly in which location they will post in Atlas. am new to this 😉

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@kasreddy Usually, we have a quarterly Roadmap webinar for customers that we share in the Customer Blog section.  You can see past recordings there. 

You can also ask your account manager or Customer Success Manager for more details on demand. 

Finally, I think @StanGromer is referring to either our Community Release Notes  where we discuss code releases, which also happens to include Early Availability announcements 4-6 weeks before General Availability when it becomes open for any customer to activate features. 

Last resource is the Community Blog where we go into a little more depth on how new features work when they are launched. 

Hope that helps!

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