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Search keywords within Attachment?



Does anyone know if Lithium search goes through attachments of posts to match keywords for search results?



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@yyun - Yes, lithium does match the attachment name while searching for messages in the community. Also, there is an API V2 available for that. 


SELECT id FROM messages WHERE attachments.filename MATCHES 'IMG_2949.JPG'

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@TariqHussain, Thanks!  Does it also go through the content of the attachment to see if keywords exist within the document itself? or just the name of document?


I'm trying to determine whether it is beneficial for me to attach the document within the post - because it helps with keyword search - boosting search results with relevant content? or just noting a URL where the document can be sitting on third party site - if there is no benefit of having the content attached to the post itself.

@yyun - It wouldn't search what inside the attachment content.  It will only match the attachment filename (document name). 

Regarding the content, it only can match the content of body not inside what attachment has. 


Even through customization you only can get messages with filename as shown here

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Actually, search DOES include contents in attachments - it will search the entire document.

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Best to check that this is still true, but my memory is that we search attached docs created by Microsoft applications such as Word.

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@RobbL - just did a spot check on our site for a keyword I found - that's not too common - on a PDF and the post was part of my search results.  PDF seems to be reviewed as well.  Thank you all!

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Correct - PDF is included as well.

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