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Value Analytics Survey Text Box Cutting off

Has anyone ever tried to expand the text box in the value analytics survey?  Once you expand it, it cuts off half the box and you can't minimize it again since the tool to expand and minimize it cut off.



image (468).png


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Yes - I have noticed that, as well as a few other issues with how the survey question text fails to wrap correctly - or display correctly at all even when there is ample space on the screen for it to exist.

I opened a case to review this in Jan 2021, and initially we were told it was our custom skin that was wrong. But on further investigation I noted the same thing happening on the Khoros VAS pages as well. 

After that, support team sent it to the Khoros Dev team in May '21 and since then we just get a regular (but somewhat unhelpful) response:

"...our Dev team are still looking into this. We will update you as soon as we have any news..."

The case is currently escalated, but I'll let you know if I get any updates on it this side of Christmas 🙄




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