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what are the standard collection (object) label are available in Lithium community?

what are the standard collection (object) label are available in Lithium community, using that we can identified content type from url itself, Please look below example :

Let consider this is my url : , here tkb-p means Knowledge Base. in same way i need to know what are labels for stranded collection like category, forum, blog etc.

can any one please link me to document or list down?




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You can get this label from the page URL. Like if you are on blog page it would show bg-p and if you are on category page it would show ct-p. 

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@VikasB I required for all stranded collection, if i follow your solution then i need to open each every collection and find out from URL it self.

can i get full list from somewhere?

@VikasB From where i can find out meaning of this label like bg-p means blog and ct-p means category. is there any document available  which is show all label meaning.

The Lithium standard URL elements are explained in this article:

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