Khoros Engage Digital: Top Three Reasons to Attend

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Khoros Engage is going virtual this year, but the event has just as many amazing opportunities as ever for anyone working in digital marketing, customer care, or online community building. Just like we have in past years, this year we’re bringing together experts from top brands in a wide range of industries for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration.

The event is on October 14, 2020. We’re a little sad that we can’t hold it in Austin, the fastest-growing tech city in America, but we’re still super excited about the exciting reasons to attend. As hard as it was to choose among them, here are the top three!

1. Connect with the top brands in the world

Regardless of your brand’s industry, you almost certainly need a digital marketing strategy, a customer care platform, an online community, or some combination of the three. Since these three needs connect almost every brand in the world, we wanted to bring some of the best and brightest together to share ideas and strategies.

At Khoros Engage, you’ll learn how brands like Midco leverage chatbots to support their customer care efforts, and how Paychex manages customer support digitally. Of course, this isn’t simply an opportunity to listen, but to speak and meet! You never know what new ideas or strategies might arise from an interaction with a peer from another industry. Engage is a place for cross-pollination and collaboration, regardless of industry.

2. Listen to industry-leading speakers

One of the main highlights of Khoros Engage is the exceptional list of keynote speakers every year. Despite being the first virtual Engage, this year’s event is no exception. Headlining our list of extraordinary speakers is Nilofer Merchant, a global leading expert and author focusing on business in the “Social Era.” Thinkers50 named Merchant the “#1 person most likely to influence the future of management in both theory and practice” in 2013, and in 2017, they ranked her the #22 top business thinker in the world.

Many breakout sessions at Khoros Engage will feature Khoros customers at top brands. Jacqueline Simard Ireton, Digital Intelligence Operations Lead of U.S. Consumer Experience at Eli Lilly and Company, and Gina Florence, Managing Director of Digital Engagement, at Charles Schwab, will be leading a session on brand quality control through social media governance. Jean-Philippe Bonnafoux, VP of Growth and Success in Digital Business at Schneider Electric, will speak to a session on how to elevate self-service customer care with online, brand communities.

3. Learn about collaborations with other areas of your business

Perhaps the most valuable insights that Engage participants take away are the ones that help them improve workflows and efficiencies in their own organizations. Khoros strives not just to help brands create customers for life, but also to help them break down silos and improve internal communication. Engage is one of the best sources of ideas and information for how to do just that.

Khoros’ own experts — including CMO Katherine Calvert and CCO Staci Satterwhite — will offer insights to help businesses across industries.

Still, many of the most valuable insights at Engage come from fellow attendees. This is a unique opportunity for professionals in any industry to learn new, fresh strategies from leaders in other industries. Social media managers from retail brands can learn from care teams at tech companies; digital community administrators from cosmetics brands can learn from marketers at financial institutions. This is an unparalleled opportunity for cross-pollination, so don’t miss it! Register for Khoros Engage 2020 today, for free.