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3 Things I Learned from the Digital Imperatives Webcast

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In a changing world of Total Community, there are several opportunities that we might overlook as well as others that we should stop doing as they are no longer effective. As I continue to see digital strategies change and evolve, I realize that there’s an increasing value in understanding a holistic approach to community: precisely what was delivered in Lithium’s webcast: “Digital Imperatives: ‘Stops & Gos’ with Dave & Joe”. 




Here were my three key takeaways from the webcast:


1. Engage your ENTIRE business in social efforts to drive value.


Since our January 2016 launch, the Zuora Community has produced over 10.5k posts and nearly 10k tweets, as well as gained over 2k users. Using these numbers, we try to grow our brand’s exposure - both internally and externally - to help create and nurture a network of advocates who feel they have a positive and personalized customer experience.


We have several internal teams that engage with customers on the Community:


  • Support Agents answer customer questions and create Customer Solutions Articles that average around 6000 views per week
  • Product Managers actively monitor Ideas forums and our Limited Availability program user groups
  • Engineers share some of Zuora’s cutting-edge technology and projects in their engineering blog and they also post release notifications
  • Trainers and Content Developers engage in the community to determine which topics to focus online course development
  • Customer Success Managers walk clients through the Community where they show them how to post questions and ideas
  • Subject Matter Experts share best practices and answer complex customer questions
  • Our Documentation Team posts monthly release notes





2. Create opportunities for experts to connect directly with customers.


Our Zuora experts are invaluable and it’s important for us to find ways for them to engage with customers without overwhelming them with the challenges of front-line customer interactions.  Creating events about particular topics for a fixed period of time (e.g. a day) would be a great way for our subject matter experts to participate in the Community and reinforce the fact that the Community is about peer-to-peer learning.


We have customers from a variety of industries - from media to cloud infrastructure to healthcare; Zuora accommodates all of these different industries striving to be successful in Subscription Economy. Because of that diversity, we not only have our own experts within Zuora, but also customers who know a lot about our product and can help other customers from similar industries.


3. Social response is a great way to educate customers.


Transparency on customer-facing platforms is a great way to teach as well as to serve our customers.  How we publicly respond to one customer educates our other customers on how they should participate so that they know what kind of service to expect.


Want to learn more? You can watch the On Demand replay here.


And join the next webcast: Personalizing the Customer Experience with Dr. Michael Wu. Register here.




Lana Lee is the Support Community Manager at Zuora.  Doubly armed with a technical and music background, Lana’s transition from engineering to becoming a community manager was, by no means, traditional. Her love for online communities began as a volunteer Meetup moderator and since then, she’s managed several online communities and social media accounts.  Fun community fact: Being a “numbers person”, she actually loves doing community reports!


Zuora is a technology company and the world’s largest evangelist of the Subscription Economy™. Our leading cloud-based subscription management platform helps companies build and grow subscription business models by establishing, cultivating and monetizing recurring customer relationships. Headquartered in Foster City, CA, Zuora serves over 700 clients, including HP, Dell, Box, Financial Times and GM.


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