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A Tough Job Made Easier: Parents Join Forces at Community

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Lithium is thrilled to welcome, the online home of Parents magazine, to the Lithium community. With the help of our partner Cloudsquads, has added an interactive element to their magazine, a trusted resource for families since 1926. Whether they're seeking advice on getting pregnant, navigating pregnancy and birth, learning to care for a newborn, or seeking activities and fun for school-aged children, parents can now not only turn to the trusted content of Parents, but to each other as well. 


"We view the community as a means to connect to our audience and to drive deeper engagement with the brand," says Amanda Ware, Sr. Audience Retention Manager and Community Manager for With 50% of community engagement coming from mobile devices, Amanda spearheaded a cross-platform system that allowed community members to access information on the go. Discussions on topics like the best backpack or best stroller drive traffic organically to the main site, and build interest in and subscriptions to the print magazine, where these types of articles regularly appear (and where click-throughs and conversions from relevant display ads can boost revenue).


Amanda is also looking to create "due-date clubs" and "birthday clubs," allowing parents to connect and commiserate with others whose babies are at the same stage. And the community also plays to the warm, fun side of parenting, with a "Baby Bloopers" forum that collects the most hilarious wisdom from the mouths of babes (including a Harry Potter-loving kid who thought the "magic word" was "Expelliarmus!") 


For more on how is changing the face of parenting online, head over to Cloudsquads blog


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