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Announcing the Lithosphere’s Hall of Fame – the VIP Council

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

PaulGillihamProfilePaul Gilliham is Lithium's Director of Customer Marketing,  responsible for customer engagement marketing, social media and Lithium's own community, the Lithosphere.


He is a regular blogger for Lithium and in the Lithosphere you'll see him as PaulGi. You can follow him on Twitter at @lithosphere or @bladefrog




At Lithium we love superusers. They are the life blood of communities – we talk about them all the time. Joe Cothrel presents at event after event talking about the impact they have on community and Dr Wu has dug into the depths of measuring their impact on customer communities and the larger networks.


The Lithosphere is no different – we have a great group of contributors, experts and front line practitioners who weigh in on topics, help other users, suggest new features and help spread the love for Lithium.


In light of that, today I am delighted to announce the formation of the Lithosphere VIP Council. The VIP Council is a select group, the top contributors to the lithosphere both in terms of content and kudos, and they represent some serious community firepower.


You’ll spot a VIP Council member by their purple coloured name and VIP Council badge.


With promotion to our ‘Hall of Fame’ comes not only the respect of the community but they gain certain privileges too. VIP Council inductees can:


-          upload their own avatars,  

-          author and edit TKB articles,

-          have the ability to post from our Twitter integration (with their own accounts)

-          and they have additional kudos weighting


There could also be some other interesting features that they get to access too, but they will have to discover those for themselves!


Please join me in welcoming the 2010 Inductees to the VIP Council:


  • Mark Hopkins, Lenovo (Mark_Hopkins)
  • Will Rose, T-Mobile (Potential)
  • Jane Loyless (jloyless)
  • John Van Horn, Jigsaw Software (JohnnyJigsaw)
  • Laura Feeney, National Instruments (Laura)
  • Jason Parker, Best Buy (Jason)
  • Laura Buchanan, Future Shop (LauraB)
  • Christian Barnes, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Mojoswift)
  • Anton Chiang, Juniper Networks (ac)
  • Juha-Matti Heikkinen, Nokia (JuhisH)

Watch out for them on Lithosphere, I am sure that if you have a question, these will be one of the first people to jump in to help you out.


We will be reviewing users on a regular basis for inclusion to the VIP Council, you never know – you might be next!

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