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Atlas Highlights - January 2021

Khoros Staff

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Hello, to all of our Atlas members!

We are excited to announce that Khoros has acquired CX innovator Topbox.

Topbox created an innovative solution for brands to access, analyze, and understand what is driving all that volume in real-time, in one place, to empower you to manage the workload and deliver a better customer experience. 

Powerful CX insights for better customer engagement

Our vision is to help brands create customers for life by delivering human connection across the customer experience — that starts with listening to your customers and providing them with meaningful engagement.

Read the full press release here

With Topbox, we’re excited to make this vision a reality.



Crisis Communications Announcement

We have opened up the Crisis Management Group Hub to provide a space for urgent communication discussions among our users, and we recommend everyone to subscribe to the group hub.

As the events continue to unfold in Washington D.C. and around the United States, we encourage you to meticulously review your content calendar and error on the side of caution.


Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!

Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at, and we’ll help.

Atlas Redesign Update - Take some time to review the updates to Atlas and learn about the strides we have made to enhance your experience with Khoros and our community. 

Maia Q3 overview - A look back on what we've done with Maia in Q3.

Organic & Paid Reporting in Khoros Marketing - This blog dives into the paid and organic data brought into the Social Marketing platform and how to report on it.

Journey Mapping and Actioning Your Feedback - With insights and feedback uncovered during interviews with our Marketing customers in August, September, and October, we're making improvements in key areas we identified. 

3 Best practices for Approval Workflows + Tune-Up Checklist - When it comes to protecting your brand, automated and configurable approval workflows allow for the right sets of eyes to green-light content before it gets pushed live to your social pages.

Modernizing Digital Care Forecasting & Staffing - This video-format blog covers some of the questions we often get from our customers and prospects about forecasting staff as a digital dare program. 

Designing for Effective Gamification - Reward & Recognition: Part 2 - Learn how effective reward and recognition starts before the community visitor has even decided to register to your community.

Community Analytics: 8 Best Practices You Don’t Want to Miss! - 4 Content Metrics and 4 Search Metrics, Community Analytics Best Practices You Don’t Want to Miss!


Webinars & Events DEL1782_Design-_Registration--LP-Header-_-Google-_-Bot-&-Messaging-Webinar_v2.jpg

Chatbot and conversation design for rich messaging channels 

January 21, 2021

Creating Digital-First Customer Engagement in the “New Normal” - Watch On-Demand


Engaging Atlas Discussions

Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at and we’ll help.

Solved: Want to extract list: post written during a certain periodAs if we needed further proof for @CarolineS to be our top contributor, quickly providing an effective Analytics solution for @CKummer. Great job!

Solved: Search scope stuck at community level on all nodesWe also had a great group effort with @jeffshurtliff and @StanGromer to compare ways to solve their search issue. 

SLA within Business Hours Tracking : A great example of community coming together with @map_ and @GlennD working together to figure out an issue.


Top Engaged Contributors

We’ve expanded our top engaged list to show off more of our fantastic community members! This year we will keep the month's name aligned to avoid confusion. Totals will still based off of the numbers in-between highlights. 

Thank you, everyone, for your engagement on to Atlas last month, and a special thanks to our Top Contributors, @CarolineS, @StanGromer, @tyw, @MarkAtTruth, @Claudius, @jeffshurtliff, @Drew_C, @HSCommunity, @Cloud_Spanner, and @hayata!

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Congrats to all! And may 2021 bring good things to Atlas and to the world 😄


Happy New Year everyone. Please stay safe and all the very best with your community growth efforts in the year ahead.