Atlas Updates: Cleaning Up Customizations

Khoros Staff


Customizations Going Away

As part of our cleanup, the majority of our past customizations are being deprecated entirely. These mostly fell into either minor style tweaks or functionality that has become core to the product (or will be in Aurora).

Among these:

  • Custom Banners - allows users to upload a personalized banner image to their profile
  • Additional Search Bars - duplicates the top right search bar above the content in some nodes
  • Reply Button - indicates to which user you’re replying in a Forum-style discussion
  • Custom Menu Dropdowns - adds multiple levels of menu dropdowns via a single hover action
  • Home Page Notifications - duplicates and adds text to notifications from the top right nav bar
  • Enhanced Profiles - shows more info about people you added as Friends in their Atlas profile
  • Profile Bookmarks - allows you to save pages that appear as bookmarks in your profile
  • Style Tweaks - changes layout / colors for top level nav bar icons, discussions, private messaging, etc.
  • Various Other Minor Functionality - things you probably won’t notice went missing, unless you’re playing “Where’s Waldo” with some of your favorite Atlas tweaks from days of yore


Customizations We’d Like to Bring Back

In addition, there were a handful of strong candidates for being rebuilt once we’ve upgraded Atlas to Aurora. These largely involve functionality with a strong business case.

Among these:

  • Inline Labels - shows labels in a node at the top of the page before users scroll down
  • Accepted Solutions - denotes forum discussions in a list that already have an Accepted Solution
  • Product Outage Banners - shows the status of Khoros products, including whether there is an outage
  • Kudos Awards Guide - guides people through the process of creating a Kudos Award
  • Request Access Page - provides guidance about how to access an area by contacting Community Help
  • Login Flow - a custom page that guides users through the Atlas login process (based on SSO status)

We’ll be making these changes in the coming weeks and months, so please keep an eye out! In the meantime, feel free to share your feedback below.

Special thanks to  @AbhishekGu@JakeRo@KellySt, and the Aurora Product Team for their advice throughout this process.


Thanks for the update @BlakeH. Good to see Khoros doing this with Atlas as many of us are doing similar exercises in preparation for Aurora. Do you have a timeline for these customizations to be going away? Are we talking the coming weeks or months?


What's the plan for customizations like Access Signposting and Profile Hover Cards?

Khoros Staff

@CyJervis We're looking to deprecate the vast majority of these when we move to Aurora, which will be closer to the late Q3 to mid Q4 timeframe. We are planning to start deprecating minor ones earlier.

Khoros Staff

@Drew_C We're aiming to bring back the signposting customization! However, it may be in a different form vs. what you see today. Once we rebuild it, we'll plan to do a "how we did it" blog.

Profile hover cards are on the TBD list, as although they're a cool feature, they won't be critical to our upgrade.