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Badges (Beta) Live on Lithosphere

Retired Community Manager


Happy Monday Lithosphere,


As you know, Lithium has been hard at work creating a badging solution, which will be ready for general availability in just a few weeks. We released a first badge as a sneak peek for #CMAD last week, and we are thrilled to unveil our first badge set as a beta to allow you to preview how badges work and display on the community!


This first set focuses on encouraging the onboarding of new or passive users by rewarding first actions, but also gives you a glimpse of how badges can be used to recognize affiliation and offline achievements.



At this time, earned badges will only display on your profile page, ordered by most recent earned. From there, you can navigate to your badges page to view all the badges you have earned so far, as well as those you have yet to earn through community participation. At a glance, you will see the badge title, icon, when the badge was earned, and how many other community members have achieved it. Hovering over a badge card will display the description for the badge.  


Certain badges, such as those for certifications, will not display until you have earned them, since they may not be relevant to everyone.
By default, you will be immediately notified via email to congratulate you on earning a new badge. You can change the frequency of these notifications just as you would any other, by navigating to your settings under the subscriptions & notifications tab > notifications settings.



As part of an effort to avoid spamming your inboxes, you will not receive notifications for any of these newly created badges you have earned through your participation so far. Moving forward, you will receive notifications upon earning new badges.
Please keep in mind these new badges are still in beta and changes may occur. We have several more planned for the near future and we hope you're as excited about the wealth of possibilities as we are!
If you are a customer interested in finding out more about badges, you can view our documentation on badges. We also invite you to leave your questions and feedbackvia comments on this article.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Exciting! This is something I've been interested in for my community Smiley Very Happy


Nicely done. These should help through the onboarding weeks on Lithosphere by guiding through the desirable positive activity.


Next up: Add support for profile badges to show the most recently earned badge(s). 😉


Looking good... Any plans to include recent badge achievements in the profile activity feed?


@JulieH - I don't seem to have the community manager certification badge.


Very exicting, so looking forward to see how this product evolves. 

Retired Community Manager

Hi @nathan , apologies for the miss! The badge now displays on your profile 🙂

@IzabelaU  may be able to share more about future plans re: profile activity feed




Is badging an additional cost to my community?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @thayerg 


Badges, which are part of our new Lithium Premium Gamification offering, do come at a cost, which also includes a hands-on Gamification workshop that we believe will significantly help customers scope and plan for a successful badge deployment.  


While Lithium provides a basic foundation for gamification with rank & reputation, this new offering extends gamification within your community, and is an area we will continue to invest in this year and beyond. The workshop also serves as a foundation for future Premium Gamification features. Your account manager will have more details about pricing.


- Izabela

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Nice work Julie.


Looking forward to helping some of our customers get the most out of this product. 


BTW - ask me how to get a "completed my gamification strategy workshop" badge!


- X

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

This is a big step for all of us - I love the name Premium Gamification...the door is open for a ton of future development ideas,

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