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CMAD Hangout: Inside B2B Communities on Jan. 25

Retired Community Manager

There’s a lot of confusion about B2B communities. Some people believe that community is a consumer phenomenon only. Others think that B2B communities consist exclusively of internal communities for employees inside large corporations.


In fact, both of these beliefs are wrong. Some of the most successful and business-critical online communities are externally facing: communities for B2B customers, developers, and business partners.

Inside B2B Communities.png


As part of Community Manager Appreciation Day, we hosted a panel to discuss B2B communities. Watch it below!




@JoeC (Chief Community Officer, Lithium Technologies)

@JennC (Community Manager, Lithium Technologies)



Alan Bush (Technical Community Manager, Rackspace)

@clint (Community Manager, Cloudera)

@JulieHamel (Sr. Community Manager, Alteryx)


Discussion Questions

  1. Tell us about your community—who your company is, who your users are.
  2. What led you to the role of community manager?
  3. Why did your company create the community – what are your business goals?
  4. Are B2B community users different than B2C users?
  5. What are some other unique challenges of running a B2B community?
  6. What trends are you seeing now? What’s the future of B2B communities?


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