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Coming Soon, the New Lithium Customer Community!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We're proud to be launching a complete revamp of the Lithium Community, now known once again as Lithosphere, in late May 2018!


We took a user-first approach to the design and functionality by teaming up with many of you who provided valuable insights into what matters when it comes to the value you get out of our community.  What's more, we'll be continuously iterating on the new design in the coming months.  Think of it as a "living lab" of best practices and product innovation.


Here are some of the changes we've made in our first release:

  • Back by popular demand we renamed the community to Lithosphere - The Lithium Community
  • We restructured Lithosphere so that content is consolidated into product specific areas. The new design makes it easier for you to find product specific documentation, implementation and customization tips and tricks and vetted best practices from peers and experts on Lithosphere
  • We've introduced new ways to engage with content and experts more efficiently, such as multi-label filtering, dynamic content loading, in-line replying, and personalization.  New innovations will roll out in the coming months
  • We simplified the overall look and feel to better align to our Lithium brand and improve performance in tablet and mobile.

 Landing page.png



What is Lithosphere?

The Lithosphere is a online shared space where CX industry experts go to get inspired as to what you can do w/ our platform.  Here you will find Lithium customers like you who are using the platform to evolve their customer experience strategy.  Lithosphere is full of SMEs who understand our platform's best practices.  This is truly a Customer Experience Community.



When we launch, we hope you experience these shared goals:

  • We want you to get inspiration for evolving your own community by experiencing our best practices in a live environment.
  • We want you to experience the power of our entire platform by absorbing the learnings and best practices of our customers; here you can see it in action
  • We are on an ongoing CX journey ourselves, and we want to make sure that the community is a place where you can see and try out the latest product features while talking to the experts.

 Let us know how we're doing once we launch in late May, 2018!


Lithosphere is back!



Khoros Staff

@JasonHill, yep! It seemed to us that people kept calling it and it was the name that simply wouldn't die... so let's embrace it and resurrect it formally. 


I still call it that Smiley Happy


Wooohooo, we’re Lithosperians again. 


Looking forward to the new design!

Khoros Expert

Good point i've never stopped to call it this way any single minute in 6 years ! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😁


Photo : May 2013, Searching the Lithosphere while driving to a meeting in Paris streets.





 Tssss @ArnaudL surfing the web and driving....!

Smiley Tongue

Khoros Expert

@Wendy_S, you sadly underestimate me : i was photographing also !!! 🤣😂

@ArnaudL - this comment made my day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



Welcome back! Feels like it didn't go away since we never stopped calling it 'Lithosphere'


Whoop whoop finally the Lithosphere is back... If im honest i never stopped calling it Lithosphere much to some frustration of you guys im sure lol