Community Manager Appreciation Day

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Community rocks, and so do all of its managers. Community Manager Appreciation day is Monday, January 27th and Lithium wants to congratulate all professional Community Managers. We want to know why you love being a CM and why community rocks. In return we will send one of our very own “Community Rocks” t-shirts to everyone who participates. You must be a Lithosphere community member to participate but if you don’t want to miss out, registration is always open. Make sure to comment on this post by January 27th 12 pm PST if you want a shirt! Community on!

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Being a community manager is amazing because everyday you get to help someone have a great day and you get to connect with amazing people and connect people with amazing other people. Plus best yet every day is new and different and you get to use so many different skills and tools.
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The job is customer-facing with real people, real problems, and real solutions. We want to hear what the customer needs and not give them what we think they need. The community is a rockin' place for that!

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I love being a community manager because, having participated in a bunch of communities, I know how powerful it is to be in contact with other points of view, other experiences, other ideas. A Community is a space where people can learn and grow, and as CMs, we enable that. We can change people's lives. That's why community rocks!

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