Congratulations to April's Top Contributors!

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With LiNC nearing in less than a month, the community has been buzzing! We wanted to take the time to recognize our top contributors from April.



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First off, congratulations @Claudius for leading the pack! Claudius is a Lithium Rockstar and is always a wealth of knowledge, but also presented at a meetup in Copenhagen to other community managers. @cindycapo also made a splash with her feedback about Klout and  @adsk_cmgrs earned quite a number of kudos with this idea.

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 Thank you so very much.. I appreciate this Big Kudos right here.. I am honored 



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Well done to @Claudius@cindycapo and @adsk_cmgrs. Many thanks for your great contribution to the community. 

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Congratulations @cindycapo and @adsk_cmgrs.@Claudius, kudos to your consistency, you've been rocking the charts since last so many months. Keep up the great work everyone. 


See you guys at the LiNC.

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Congratulations @cindycapo and @adsk_cmgrs and @Claudius on your accomplishments.  A job well done!!! 


Thanks @JennC for posting this awesome news. 

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Wow! Thanks everyone for your support and kudos. And great to see Klout / Profile Plus expertise gaining momemntum thanks to @cindycapo 

The subscription update idea from @adsk_cmgrs makes total sense. We should see it in 16.5 🙂