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Congratulations to January's Top Contributors!

Khoros Expert

Happy Monday Lithium Community!


It's that time once more, we're here to celebrate our top contributors for January! We were thrilled to see the community start buzzing again after a quieter holiday period and were delighted to see participation peak around #CMAD. Many great discussions have been started as we're all going through yearly reviews, planning for the year ahead and coming up with fresh ideas on how we can optimize our communities. 


With that, we'd like to extend our gratitude last month's community leaders for their great contributions. Congratulations @Fellsteruk , @jchen  and @VarunGrazitti!



Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences, challenges, solutions and expertise - making our community an awesome place to be! See you all next month!


Thanks for the shout out and thanks to everyone else for also sharing and helping you guys rock!



Congrats, well deserved once more.


...and as you can see, Alok, you just need to connect your account to Klout to rank up to the top 😉

Hahaha Smiley Tongue Thanks @Claudius 


Love being part of the Lithium Community. Thanks for the congrats! Kudos to @VarunGrazitti and @Fellsteruk .

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