Congratulations to September's Top Contributors!

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September was certainly a cause for celebration, as the Lithium Community celebrated its 8th anniversary! Along with looking back at these 8 years, we'd like to take a look back at September--particularly at our top contributors!






Congratulations to our top contributors in September: @VarunGrazitti@JasonHill and @Fellsteruk!  Varun was particularly active in the Developers Discussion board.  Jason offered some helpful advice this month, particularly around scaling an expert program. Lastly, Stephen provided assistance in the Support Forum.


Kudos to our top contributors! Here are some additional great posts from last month:

Are forums phasing out?

Crisis management on community



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I thought that crisis management discussion was particularly valuable this month. Make sure you check it out. And congrats to @VarunGrazitti and @Fellsteruk for another month of valuable contributions to the community.



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Congrats everyone, been some great discussion this month in the community!!

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Yay!!! Congratulations everyone. Keep it up.