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Customer Experience Now - No More Excuses. Looking Forward to Forrester's CX Forum

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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We’re headed to Los Angeles for Forrester’s Forum for Customer Experience Professionals West, October 9-10, which is about “boosting your customer experience to the next level.” Sounds promising, yeah?  Well, it is with the exception of those companies who have yet to really embrace and engage their customers through social media.


We know that corporations that tap into their socially empowered customers stand to gain advantage on their socially reluctant competitors in ways beyond just reducing customer support costs. They’ve realized that customer engagement means real, topline growth and that customers who actively engage with brands, products and services are not only loyal advocates, they also spend more.



So, why are some companies still reluctant to jump in? Maybe they’re in regulated or mature industries? The fact is that it doesn’t matter. If your business wants to continue to succeed, you need to innovate and grow and to do that you need to get serious about social. And if you don’t, maybe we’ll see you at this event next year, and maybe we won’t...


If you are going, please join us for Lithium CMO, @KatyK - Katy Keim’s Keynote, October 9th @ 11:00 AM. And, if you come by our booth (#101) and say, “I’m serious about social” you get a prize!

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