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Customer Service that Rocks

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Let’s face it- companies can mock products easily; we see it across the board with products and services all over the world. What companies are now competing on is the overarching customer experience they create for their customers.


All touchpoints. All channels. At all times.


If you look at brands who are leaders in their industries today, you will see that their customers are their number one sources of reference. Consumers are more likely to listen to their peers about a product than do the research or legwork themselves.


Don’t believe me? Lithium commissioned a study with Harris Poll of 3,000+ adults globally to quantify what it means to be a happy customer:

  • 73% of adults will spend more on a product from a brand they love versus a brand they do not.
  • 55% of adults admit they place more value on a positive experience with a brand than on the product purchased.
  • 83% said they would stop using a brand after one bad experience.
  • 9 out of 10 adults (87%) agree that they would look elsewhere if a brand made them unhappy in any way.
  • About one-third of adults (31%) say they are likely to spend more on products and services from a brand that shares entertaining and engaging content with them via social media

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Because brands who drive who deliver consistent, seamless experiences where customers leave feeling heard AND valued, are leaders in their industries.


#CustomerServiceWeek is here.


At Lithium, we strive to empower brands provide great customer experiences, delivering service and content that makes a long-lasting impression on their customers.


Tell us about a positive customer experience you’ve had and why it mattered to you in the comments below!

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