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Every Community Has Its “Stars”

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


We recently stumbled upon an article in PR Week  where Tiki Barber (yes, you heard us right) exclaimed, “Every community has its own Beyoncé.” Pretty bold statement, eh? Truth be told, we really loved it. And it got us thinking...


At Lithium, we pride ourselves on not only helping brands build the best communities ever, but also in equipping community managers with the tools and resources they need to cultivate, nurture, and grow their communities in truly transformative ways. Basically, we pride ourselves in not only talking the talk, but walking the walk, too.


However, to say that the Lithium Community has only one proverbial “Beyoncé” would be a stretch – because, let’s face it, everyone within our community is a star, overcoming different (and unique) challenges within their own communities through creativity, humility, style, and grace. In fact, earlier this year, we put the spotlight on a few of our stars at LiNC 2015, as part of our Lithium Stars Program. These individuals were recognized for being leaders in both the Lithium Community and within their own organizations – celebrated for their incredible expertise, trailblazing accomplishments, and for simply being some of Lithium’s most trusted (and appreciated) advocates.


That being said, though, if we had to choose the cream of the crop – again, a pretty tall order given the incredible people within our community – there are a few whose work and contributions to the community have, time and time again, caught our attention. To check out the rest of our Lithium Stars, you can go here.


So here’s a quick shout out and a big thank you to our “Beyoncés” (aka, “Lithium Stars”):


Claudius Henrichs, @Claudius,   @ Skype [read more here]
Claudius is a global-minded, solutions-driven Community Manager at Skype, serving the various (and vibrant) needs of Skype’s incredibly diverse community, all from his hub in Tallinn, Estonia (where he calls home). He is a Lithium Certified Community Manager,  Honored Contributor in our community, and a Rockstar in the Lithium Stars program. Claudius is also a participant in the Developer Network, and his team won "Best Community Customization,” taking home the gold in the first LiNC Hackathon in 2014.


Mark Hopkins, @Mark_Hopkins,  @ Lenovo [read more here]
Mark is the Social Support & Community Program Manager in Lenovo’s e-services organization. During his career, Mark has a held a number of positions in technical support, product development and customer satisfaction. The Lenovo community, launched in 2007 with an all customer volunteer moderation team, has been one of the most personally rewarding projects Mark says he has ever been involved in.


Stephen Fell, @Fellsteruk , @ TalkTalk [read more here]
Stephen is the Senior Online Engagement and Content Manager over at UK-based TalkTalk. He leads the social engagement team, responsible for supporting and growing the company’s active, vibrant, and vocal community. He also collaborates on the development of content across both the B2C and B2B sides of TalkTalk’s business.  He is a Lithium Certified Community Manager, an Honored Contributor in our community and a Rockstar  in the Lithium Stars program. He could talk forever about anything Nissan, Nikon, Apple, and Lithium. Stephen’s journey into community management was recently featured via Community Manager Appreciation Day.


Jennifer Hitchens, @jenh,  @ Barclaycard US [read more here]
Jennifer Hitchens is an Assistant Vice President, Social Media & Community at Barclaycard US, the payments business of Barclays in the U.S. Jen is responsible for managing two online communities associated with Barclaycard-branded products to engage existing and potential customers through a variety of content management strategies. She has been instrumental in launching these communities by developing marketing and content strategies designed to create engaging and meaningful experiences for community members. In addition, she oversees day-to-day moderation and customer service inquiries. Jen has a solid background in social media and community management, including 17 years within the marketing and advertising industries. She holds a Bachelor’s in English and Art History from Lafayette College. (Not to mention, she’s a Lithium Hero!)

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