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Everything You Need to Know About the LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Red carpet…paparazzi…champagne…trophies…Sounds like the Oscars, right? Well, close. It’s the LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball! And we’re so excited to welcome you all to this spectacular party.


Here’s everything you need to know:

What: The LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball

Why: To celebrate and recognize the digital elite and see who takes home the highly-coveted Lithy trophy

When: Thursday, June 9, 2016 from 7-10pm

Where: Metreon’s City View in San Francisco

Who: All LiNC 2016 registered attendees


Want more details? Here are answers to some of your potentially burning questions:


What’s the dress code?

There is no official dress code—it’s come as you like. However, as this is a celebratory night, you’re likely to see some Lithium folks in cocktail dresses, blazers and suits. And we hear a few people- ahem @lilim, @KaitlinSaxton, @caroline_maitre- may walk in wearing prom dresses (why the heck not?), as well as some guests in dresses with converse shoes (a look that only a few can pull-off, right @JillianB?). As @DayleH mentioned in this post, imagine the “Oscars, with the fun of the Golden Globes, and the style of the Met Gala!” Don’t forget that the evenings get chilly in the City by the Bay, and there will be an outdoor terrace to enjoy, so bring a shawl or jacket as needed. Have fun selecting your wardrobe, and if all else fails, just refer to Mo Willems’ classic story: I’m Invited to a Party.




I’m a Lithy nominee- what should I expect?

We will acknowledge all the nominees in each category on Day 1 at LiNC. However, for the first time ever, the Lithy Award winners will be announced at this evening party. All 2016 Lithy nominees will receive VIP treatment for the night…starting with a red carpet entrance where we’ll snap your photo in front of the Lithy step & repeat, and then you’ll proceed into the party to enjoy a special Lithy champagne cocktail. Nominees will indulge in food and beverage until it’s announced that “It’s Lithys Time.” Grab a spot near the front of the stage. Now is also a good time to make sure you have nothing stuck in your teeth and that you aren’t experiencing any wardrobe malfunctions (hey, it happens to the best of us, just ask J.Lo from her 2012 Oscars appearance!). Kick back and enjoy the Lithys show. Regardless of the outcome, you and all the nominees are the stars of the night, so get ready to celebrate!



What happens if I win a Lithy?

The nine elite winners, selected from a competitive slate of 104 stellar submissions from 67 global brands, will be announced on stage to accept their trophies. If your brand’s name is announced as a winner, march on up to the bright lights on stage to receive your trophy and your rightful applause (but unlike the Oscars, we won’t put you on the spot for any acceptance remarks!). Your shining moment will continue off-stage into the VIP Lithy lounge, where other prizes await, as well as cameras to capture your winning words! After a group photo of all the proud 2016 winners, you will be escorted to the red carpet to snap your team photo holding your sparkling trophy. Then you’ll rejoin the party where fans will congratulate and toast to your success into the wee hours of the night!


Trophy 9 up for grabs.jpg

I don’t even know what a Lithy is. Should I still attend?

Absolutely. This party is for everyone, and if you don’t know what the Lithys are, you will by the end of the night! We’re confident you’ll be a Lithys participant next year after you see how inspirational this year’s nominees are. Lithys aside, this is the LiNC party of the year- a time to network with top global brands who are digital leaders, an opportunity to build personal and professional friendships, a place to enjoy San Francisco’s finest drinks and eats, and of course, your chance to dance the evening away!


Should I arrive hungry?

Yep! While it won’t be a sit-down dinner, there will be a multitude of heavy hors d’ouevres, as well as an open bar. Bring your appetite and indulge.


How do I purchase tickets for this bash?

You can register here for the LiNC conference, which includes admittance to the LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball.


I want to be the envy of my social network. How can I spread the word that I’m attending this exclusive event?

We’re always here to help! Feel free to use these Click To Tweets:


My question isn’t answered here. How can I get an answer?

Just post your question in the comments below, post in our LiNC event group, or email We’ll get back to you quickly!


See you in a few weeks at the LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball!



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