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February 2019 Updates to Lithosphere

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

As I am sure you can imagine there is a lot going on  around here at the moment, aside from a bunch of back-end changes I wanted to call out some of our recent changes to the user experience here on the community.


Last month we enabled Promoted Search which shows community locations as part of the search as well allowing us to boost certain content within the search results. You can read more about it it in @ChetnaS blog post: Introducing Promoted Search: Boost content in community search results.

Places search.pngrecommended search.png





Content mentions.png

As you can see to the right we have also enabled Content Mentions. They behave very similar to user mentions as you use the @ key to open the drop down and enter the title of the content you want to insert a link for.



Product associations.pngWe have also enabled a few product associations which you can activate using the # key. Please note we are still early in our development of its use here on Lithosphere but some examples include: Khoros Communities , Conversations,  Value Analytics , Forums among others.



Lithium Community 19.1 brings with it early access to Editor V2 which updates the TinyMCE editor, cleans up the toolbars

Forum editor bar.png


...and enables new emoticons. We have enabled it on the Lithosphere so you can go and check out the experience.


Finally we have enabled a beta for Category Subscriptions to make it even easier for you to get notified about new content in areas of the community relevant to you. On category pages click on the options at the top right and choose Subscribe. This will give you a pop up to manage your subscriptions within that category.

Select Subscribe from the category options.Select Subscribe from the category options.Choose what you would like to subscribe to within the category.Choose what you would like to subscribe to within the category.Edit your category subscriptions settingsEdit your category subscriptions settings



To find out more about Category Subscriptions please check out @VinhJ 's blog, Introducing Category Subscriptions: Track your favorite spots in the community more easily  and let the team know any feedback there.




Great to finally see Access to emojis! 




Neat! Thanks so much for the update, and for letting us try out new/pre-release features here on the Lithosphere!

Khoros Expert

Nice work Andy & team, thanks for the update 👍

Khoros Alumni (Retired)



Awesome work guys!! 🤗


@AndyK try @ mentioning on mobile. At least on my phone, after an @ mention the browser scrolls all the way to the top. Related to the new editor?


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@CarolineS  The issue you have mentioned is existing and we will provide a fix in couple of releases

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