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Forrester Says: Use Social To Bridge The Gap Between Marketing And Customer Service

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

At Lithium, we’re all about bringing marketing and care together to create awesome digital customer experiences, but it’s great validation when industry experts preach what we practice. Recently, Forrester published a report, “Use Social To Bridge The Gap Between Marketing And Customer Service” that explores how social is the bridge that binds this duo for brands to create seamless digital experiences for their customers.



Here are Forrester’s three keys to success:

  1. Serve Consumers Better With A Marketing And Customer Service Collaboration
  2. Leverage Twitter Customer Satisfaction Data For Real-Time Feedback
  3. Explore Cross-Functional Opportunities With Facebook Messenger Chatbots


This report also features Lithium customer HP as a stellar example of breaking organizational silos with a cross-functional council to better understand the issues faced by social care and marketing, and to uncover opportunities where they can collaborate. (Bonus: check out our interview with HP’s Kriti Kapoor on Adweek to learn more about scaling social care.)


Download Forrester’s full report here!

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