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From Crowdsourcing to Knowledge Management

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Anyone that doesn’t recognize the power of the crowd these days, has their head stuck in the sand! It is undeniable. We see its influence every day and most commonly through our digital experiences. The Internet distributes knowledge faster and more widely than anything we’ve seen. It brings our deeply social nature into the fore and reveals our strong desire to collaborate. The crowd is quick to contribute, jumps at opportunities to cultivate talent and loves passing knowledge on to others. The crowd has way more than just wisdom. It has talent, creativity and it’s amazingly productive.


We recently harnessed the power of the crowd in a social experiment better known as the Mp3 Experiment. It was a science experiment of sorts; to see how many people we could pull together at the last minute to demonstrate the crowd concept. We worked with Improv Everywhere and within a week we had more than 200 people registered, solely through social channels and word-of-mouth.


People want to participate, and be part of something bigger. Whether they are brand advocates of Lithium or found out from a friend of a friend, people wanted to share an experience and create something together. Below is a video of the events that ensued. 


If you are using the power of the crowd to build your business, accelerate innovation, save money or have some fun on a rainy weekday with the Mp3 Experiment, the results are everywhere.


To learn more about harnessing the power of the crowd to drive business results, download our whitepaper - From Crowdsourcing to Knowledge Management


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