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Happy 11th Anniversary, Khoros Community!

Retired Community Manager

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 Today marks the Khoros Community’s 11 year anniversary! Khoros started out as Lithium, a smaller company for peer-to-peer support. We’ve now grown into a robust company with products that span across the digital landscape.

It has been an exciting year here at Khoros! The past year was full of many changes, with the biggest highlight being that Lithium and Spredfast merged to create Khoros.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our community over the years. You’ve helped make it an amazing place to connect, learn, ideate and share knowledge. The Khoros Community wouldn’t be what it is without you. 


11th Anniversary Badge  


Comment by September 13th with a story of how the Khoros Community has helped you, your favorite moment, or one of your favorite features or improvements and you’ll receive our special 11th Anniversary Badge! The badge will be given to qualifying members by the end of September.


Khoros Community by the Numbers

Over the past 12 months, the Khoros Community has had: 

  • 836,503 Page views
  • 307,197 Visits
  • 136,463 Unique visitors 
  • 64,776 Badges awarded
  • 30,870 Posts
  • 15,536 Kudos
  • 8,319 New members
  • 560 Solutions accepted 


What’s next?

  • We’re working on making improvements to the Khoros Community. We’ll make a big announcement during Engage next week, so stay tuned for those updates! 
  • The Stars program and Awards (formally Lithys) will be going through a revamp. 
  • Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) for Khoros Marketing clients. 
    • SSO for all other clients is currently being worked on as well, and will likely launch in 2020. 
  • The beta for Group Hubs.
  • Improvements to search functionality and the overall user experience.
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Khoros Staff

Thanks to everyone that's taken part in this thread over the past week! It's been great to see your engagement. I'm looking forward to how we continue to drive our ongoing improvements with the amazing community team that we now have in place while also leading with the feature releases that our product teams are coming up with.

We've got such opportunity and, with all of our community members combined, the power of Atlas community will truly come to fruition!



I cannot speak highly enough about the community.

Whether its searching for and finding related conversations that provide a solution, guidance, or general feedback I always leave this place with more insight and knowledge - going on 6 years I think now!