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How AGL Has Transformed Its Digital Customer Experience with Lithium

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

When AGL told us back in 2015 that they were planning to undertake a $300M AUD Customer Experience Transformation, they weren’t kidding. They wanted to reinvent how their customers interacted with them at every digital touchpoint. And, two years later, that’s exactly what they’ve done.


We helped them build a robust and engaging online community and also gave AGL the power to respond to customers via social in real-time via Lithium Social Media Management..


The results have been impressive – and speak for themselves (just to name a few):


  • $1M AUD reduction in costs in 2016-17 FY
  • $133K AUD support cost savings per month
  • 8,000+ support call deflections
  • 72% social care response rate within an hour
  • 3,500+ social interactions per month
  • 85-90% average CSAT score


So, what exactly is to thank for all this success? Easy access to information and support.


AGL’s goal was to leverage every possible digital touchpoint at their disposal to build trust and loyalty with their customers. Unfortunately, one major uphill battle for them was the simple fact that general sentiment towards energy companies in Australia has been traditionally quite low. So, what did they do to shift this perception? Knowing that customers today increasingly want to interact with brands digitally to get information or to get help (vs. calling into customer support), they made a bold bet in digital – especially in an industry where technology hasn’t been leveraged to its fullest to engage customers in a meaningful and useful way.


By giving customers an easy and intuitive way to search for information, to discuss and share experiences with each other, to learn about all things energy-related, and to get near-instant support on a number of FAQ’s, AGL has truly set a new best practice for how energy companies can be there for their customers when and where they need them most.


But the work isn’t done. In the coming fiscal year, AGL plans to start adding in Lithium’s publishing and campaign management features – to better manage social media marketing and social care cross-functionally, all under one platforms –  and even hopes to begin building a Superuser program as well.


We can’t wait to see their success grow!


Check out their case study here.