How do you find the best social technology for you?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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Finding the best social technology vendor for your needs can feel overwhelming. There’s so many options out there. We talk with many brands and have asked them what their ideal features list would be.


For social marketers and customer care professionals, a top priority is finding technology that creates a seamless customer experience. Customers want to converse with brands on the platform of their choosing and expect you to be able to follow the conversation no matter how many times it changes hands.


Some of the key points we hear marketers and care agents say they want their technology to do:

  • Provide insights based on data to deliver better social engagements
  • Eliminate or automate inefficient tasks
  • Allow marketing and customer service to easily collaborate
  • Keep the brand reputation safe with early warning alerts to potential problems
  • Understand audiences’ unique preferences and social influence when engaging in interactions


We’ve asked and gathered critical feature lists to help you explore what your current or future technology vendor should do for you:


The Social Customer Engagement Checklist – download

The Social Media Management Checklist – download


Check out these checklists to help guide you when selecting the best social technology for you.