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How to choose the right community vendor?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


1454 web graphics%2FFacebook 1033x458.pngYou know there are so many choices for community vendors these days. Picking one that will work best for your organization can seem daunting, to say the least. That’s why we’ve put together a short, simple checklist that highlights features that mark best-in-class online community platforms today.


Okay, okay, we are a bit biased and we do believe that Lithium provides some exceptional features. Hey! You can’t blame us! But we know it’s not all about us. We want you to be sure your platform is right for you and that as you evaluate vendors (including us), that you are aware of some of the latest capabilities that will give you and your customers the very best experience.


Here’s some of what you should look for from a vendor’s platform:

  • Incorporates all types of social engagement
  • Allows highly customized experiences to achieve a seamless brand experience
  • Provides detailed data on user activity, trends, individual user interests
  • Integrates with existing business processes and web/business systems

There’s so much more, and I highly encourage you to download the list and use it to evaluate community platforms and vendors. And hey, if there’s a feature or functionality that you wish for and don’t see it on our list, don’t be shy! Let us know.  After all, that’s what community is all about.


Download the Online Community Checklist.