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Inside LiNC'15 - Keynote: Grow your Total Community

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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How do you build a total community?


Community isn’t a page on the website. It’s not just a Facebook engagement. Digital conversations can be harnessed across many properties to build a productive community. To remain at the forefront, brands must address all audiences that matter, including key front line employees and brand influencers, in addition to customers. But how do you ensure that you are embracing your audiences in an inclusive way?


With a Total Community approach that embraces peer-to-peer relationships, internal experts and external influencers to create a consistent, excellent customer experience.


Lithium CTO, Sunil Rajasekar (@SunilR), VP of Worldwide Sales Engineering, Michael Puhala (@MichaelP), and myself spoke at LiNC'15 about defining a Total Community approach and the key steps to realizing this vision. They discussed the latest advancements to the Lithium platform and the future roadmap to better serve customers.


Key to creating a Total Community experience are five principles that can help you implement it in your company:


Five Principles of Total Community


sunil.png1. Know your customer. Klout Topics and Integrated Profile.

It’s critical to provide a great, consistent customer experience; to do that you need to know who your customers are, what they’re experts in and then use that knowledge to engage them. Klout Topics drills down to a user’s areas of interest and expertise by topic. Integrated Profiles allows you to link Klout profiles to Community profiles (it’s an opt-in option, so your customers will need to be convinced why this will benefit them with your brand and invited or rewarded to link). Deeper insight into your customer lets you really get to know them, identify influencers and determine how to connect with them.


2. Expand the front line. Lithium Monitor Wall and Shared Dashboards.

Social cannot afford to remain in a silo. You need your entire organization rallying to provide a Total Community experience. To help engage your organization, the Lithium Monitor Wall provides real-time visibility and an early warning system on what’s happening in your community and social channels that is tied to business objectives. Shared Dashboards let you monitor key metrics and drill down for more data to take action. These tools help you democratize data and show your company your social and community activity as it happens. It also lets them see for themselves what your customers are discussing about the brand, which makes the customer more real to your internal people.


michael.png3. Swarm questions. Lithium Experts and Lithium Mobile Agent.

Responsiveness is critical now more than ever. To compete on digital customer experience, brands need to step up their social responsiveness. While the majority of the time your community will be self-serving, there are times (new product launches, updates, version releases, etc.) where you need internal experts to respond. Lithium Experts identifies your internal experts and texts them when there is a question they need to answer. This allows agents to provide answers much faster and expert responses can be converted into your Knowledge Base as trusted content to refocus the community on self-service. Lithium Mobile Agent is an app that allows you to access Lithium Social Web on mobile, so you can have location-agnostic access to community data and activity.


4. Integrate and extend. Lithium SDK and CRM Connectors.

You need to integrate and extend social into every customer touchpoint. Lithium Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to use existing development tools to easily integrate Lithium products into your platforms. We are also releasing new CRM Connectors, a new Salesforce connector and an upcoming Microsoft connector.


5. Design for outcomes. Lithium Value Analytics and Sentiment Conversion.

It’s imperative to be able to demonstrate the value of social to the business. To do this, metrics are key. Lithium Value Analytics allows you to calculate NPS scores, cost-savings and other metrics to show how social is impacting the business. Sentiment Conversion reveals customer sentiment on in-coming posts and how that sentiment changes after engagement in the community or with agents.


To learn more about our new product releases, click here.


If you are a customer, partner or attended the event, you can view a video of the keynote here.


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