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Inside LiNC'16: HP, Skype, USAA

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



At LiNC 2016, we heard directly from Lithium customers on how they are using Total Community to create durable transformation in their businesses. Kriti Kapoor, Global Director, Social Customer at HP; Renee Horne, VP Social Business, at USAA; and Mark Nichols, Customer Service Director, at Skype, offered their insights and advice on how Total Community empowers their social customer service to take their businesses to the next level and drive durable transformation. Here’s highlights of what they had to say:


HP, Kriti Kapoor (@kkapoor😞 Our journey at HP is all about following our customers in their journey - they lead us where they want to go. We’re actively preparing for the future of customer service. We currently have 533M web support visits per year, 125M support forum visits, 37M customer interactions in 170 countries, in 40 languages. We’re happy to report that 90% of our customer service interactions are digital and we’re seeing mobile as the place to be now for social support. In China, we’re starting to see conversational commerce via mobile devices and we recently launched support via WeChat to drive better service and enable self-solve when possible. Our communities are powered by Lithium and we’ve recently expanded our Lithium Social Web capabilities, including a pilot of Lithium Reach. Now, 70% of answers take place through peer support or our SuperUser program. We are also pleased to report that all 75,000 posts each month are responded to, our NPS went up 12 points in the last nine months and we’ve seen a 44% improvement in minutes-to-solution time. What have we learned in our social journey? Focus on the customer. Understand the cost drivers. Create a team culture of innovation. And don’t be afraid to fail.


USAA, Renee Horne (@rlhorne😞 USAA was created in 1922 by servicemembers and grew into an organization to help build financial security for its military members. We have 11.4 million members now and historically, we have grown by word of mouth. The military has a very high affinity for digital and social media usage, capabilities, and technology. Social media keeps them connected. Additionally, social media has automated word of mouth. USAA pioneered the 1-800 customer care model and phone calls were our primary way to connect with members. Today,, digital has broken down traditional concepts of community where we are no longer limited by physical proximity. At USAA, Total Community brings together the various data points, but even more so, it connects real people to real people, member to member. We think holistically. We’ve learned to separate the “noise” from meaningful insights in our data to integrate social to solve business challenges and serve our members. We are now 24/7 in social, and have a 15 minute or less response time. Because Total Community is the essence of knowing and taking care of our members, we can provide more support to them and provide better value. It’s all about understanding what is most important to serve the customer. In the last 90 days, since we’ve expanded our Lithium Social Web, we have reduced manual routing, cycle time, and improved compliance. Total Community has improved engagement, deepened relationships, and improved the delivery of relevant information. USAA has realized $4.5M incremental lifetime value, and a +22 point lift in brand favorability and +11 point lift in brand awareness. It’s all about serving our members in ways that enable us to stay relevant.


Skype, Mark Nichols (@markcnichols😞 The Skype community has primarily been a developer community so that we could gain customer feedback and apply it to our product development. In 2010, we had 750,000 members. We now have 4 million. Community has enabled us to grow tremendously. We strive to build enduring customer relationships and successful user journeys. Part of that is humanizing customer support and putting community at the heart of all our thinking. The Skype Community has 1,000 messages posted per day, localized in 11 languages, and now includes customer education and support. Last year, we were inspired at LiNC to try a Community Day, and when we did, we saw 400% increase in staff participation in community conversations and a continual 25% increase in those who have stayed more involved. We also use badging to reward community members which has driven deeper and longer lasting community engagement. Today, the Skype Community is at the heart of our company, it alerts our teams to potential issues faster than our internal sources can. What have we learned? Enable single sign on - make it easy to register, we doubled our registrations by doing so. Engage the A-list at your organization to get involved, and remember they may not be in your department. Create events rather than react to them. Introduce, extend, and normalize gamification; and ingest data, remove barriers to access, and simplify interpretation. Finally, start to find ways to view your customer as one customer regardless of how many product lines they purchase from. See them holistically, and from the point of the entire value they provide to your company.

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