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Introducing: Klout Topic Expertise and International Expansion

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Since Klout joined forces with Lithium in 2014, we’ve all been working tirelessly to imagine what the next phase of the Klout experience could be. Well, friends, that day has come.


We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to begin unveiling a number of enhancements to Klout. In a digital world full of noise, these features bring more context to the Klout Score by helping people make better decisions and creating greater trust in whom to follow and in topics that are most relevant to them.




We’re introducing a new way to discover the most influential subject matter experts on social media. This feature will make it easier for people to make personal decisions based on the right context and with a higher degree of trust, based on the expertise of the people they choose to follow. By adding this new dimension to Klout Scores, we hope to ultimately pave the way for our users to have better, more immersive, more meaningful, and more relevant experiences with brands and each other.


Head over to the Klout blog for a rundown of the key enhancements that are being launched today and how it will positively impact you as a user in the minutes, days, and months to come:

  • Klout Topic Expertise
  • Klout in New Languages
  • Non-Klout User Benefits


The next phase of Klout is here, and it’s going to revolutionize how we perceive and act upon the value of influence. Take time to visit Klout today and, if you haven’t yet registered yourself as a Klout user, there’s no better time than now to join the fun.


To build on @cindycapo's post, Search is working much better at finding members now, though there have been moments when the instant search results have been sluggish or fussy.  Working great today.




I have observed that searching for Topics is sometimes non-intuitive, or simply non-working.


Please try to use Search bar to search for simple, major topics like "Science" or "Media" and see if you can get to the Topic pages.


Note also that some of the URLs for Topics are case-sensitive, which seems like an old-school error.   Try typing in : to circumvent the search problem and it yields a Klout error that Science is not a topic....when science is a topic and works fine.




@JamesL <<--- tagging successfully took me 8 tries. it's still broken.


I've also frequently seen some Topics fail to display Top Experts lists, even after waiting 10 minutes or refreshing page.  Many incidences of are just a few samples.   Some of them in some browsers report Error 504 and show nothing. Tried in 3 browsers:









klmiss FIREFOX1.png




klmiss IE1.png

@cindycapo saw this 504 error in Chrome as well.   I have seen the 504 in IE only so far.


This is for certain topics. Other topics have no issues.  try Klout or NBA...they work OK.


Thanks @wittier @JamesL More changes coming?? Thanks Ken for your expertise.. There are several things missing today it seems.. 


My search worked great all day, no problems, Thank You.

The @is still missing last I Klouted, from the Thank you Tweet..

and my Twitter is not there,

The experts List is missing, I do recall it being there early morning,

Thank you all so much for your efforts at Lithium, I realize it is a BIG job..

And many thanks to @wittier, His Klout Expertise Rank is well deserved.. 






@JamesL @wittier @edaccessible Are the "Gaps" sizes larger with the Bigger networks?


Say, Would someone with 50,000 Twitter followers, and 5000 Facebook friends have more or fewer gaps than a person with 5,000 Twitter followers, and 500 Facebook friends?


Is there some way we, as SM enthusiasts, can do everything we can to ensure the fewest gaps..



Thank You





Both @cindycapo and I observed this on our pages today for the first time.  Neither of us had changed our Twitter connections to Klout in the past few days.   We thought it was strange that both happened at the same time.  We check these tabs regularly so we know this is unsual and is something you normally only see when you newly connect a Network to Klout.


kl tw missing.png



 UPDATE:  @wittier and @cindycapo Twitter tabs are showing the same today.   Day 2.


UPDATE:  Twitter now showing up on Day 3.



Thanks for participating.


@JamesL  We all look forward to enhanced official information about how Top Experts works when that's rolled out.   


You refer to the Expertise Score (a term not yet used on the site) that Klout uses to populate the Top 10 Expert lists.  To clarify our understanding so that I can explain it to people who ask, of all the people, brands, etc. ranked by Klout, the 10 with the very highest Expertise Scores in a given Topic are selected as the top 10 list.  (Users can't currently see the Expertise Scores for themselves or others.)


And then Klout sorts the Top 10 Expert lists by Klout Scores, rather than by Expertise Scores.


So that the person who's #10 on the Top 10 Expert list for Gardening (to pick a random example.  I'm not looking at the actual Gardening topic) could have a higher Gardening Expertise Score than the person who's #1 on the same list because he has the hightest overall Klout score on that list, which isn't particularly based on Gardening.   For example, a leading authority who is regularly published, has a top Gardening web site, and is even frequently on TV, etc. as a Gardening expert, in fact a Gardeing-specific celebrity, known by millions, could have a towering Expertise Score on the topic because he tweets only about Gardening and is retweeted and followed by everyone in that world on all the Social Networks scored by Klout.  Yet on the Top Experts list his Klout score might rank him #10 with someone like Martha Stewart, who has some expertise in Gardening, no doubt, ranked #1 in Gardening due to her overall Klout score strength.   




Searching for people by name on is still sometimes acting up. 


I have typed full last names and not found any results.  Then tried first name, started typing last name and it finds them.  This happened a few times today.


Typing Kunkel did not return Blair Kunkel.  Type Blair K.

Typing Tengwall didn't return Becky Tengwall.  Type Becky T.


Search shouldnt' require the user to remember specific names in only specific ways.


See also trying to find the topics Science or Media using search. You can't.


The Thank you for +K tweet on worked for me just now, @cindycapo.



The @  (not two, not zero... just right) is back.


Goldilocks will be happy.


I'll let the people who asked about it know that Klout has fixed this.  Thanks!


The incompleteTopics pages are still out of order.  


This is linked to the Searching for Topics problem.  


Two topics that Klout has listed me as an expert in, Science and Media, are examples.


You can't find them in Search.

And if you go to their pages, there is no Top Experts list.


If you are not logged into Klout but folllow the link to Science from someone else's Klout profile page, you get a 504 error that the whole "Website is Offline" (all browsers).


klmiss IE1.png

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