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Introducing Maia the Khoros Bot!

Content Coordinator (1).gif Say 'Hi' to Maia!

Introducing Maia, your new virtual partner in exploring the Khoros website and Atlas community.  

Partnering with Atlas Guides, our dedicated chat agents, Maia maximizes the potential of Khoros Modern Chat by guiding you to answers in both real-time and on your own time.

Maia can help you find content on Atlas, file support tickets, check product status, and many other evolving tasks. If Maia isn’t able to answer your questions, they can get you in touch with our Atlas Guides for a more human approach.

This new guide may not be perfect, but they’re great at learning 

Bots have come a long way, but they still need some fine-tuning. Throughout the first year, Maia will be taught how to accommodate more complex requests in order to provide an ever-expanding interactive experience.   

Have some suggestions or ideas for Maia? Let us know on the Suggestions for Atlas board and include the 'Maia' label.

Don’t be shy! Maia is here to help


Try our virtual guide out today and see what they can do! Getting starting is easy, click the chat bubble icon on the bottom right of your screen to activate Maia.

Remember to say, 'Hi'!

Check out Atlas for more information about Khoros Modern Chat or follow these links to the Khoros website to learn more about trying out your own Khoros Bot or Modern Chat. 

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This is great news. Of course my first question is how would one pronounce "Maia". I asked her but she doesn't seem to be self aware yet. I guess that is a good thing.

Kidding aside, congratulations on the new addition. I look forward to watching Maia learn new things. 


I looked it up in case anyone else is wondering.

Pronunciation: it is pronouced may-uh, the English way, not My-uh


According to

Although, other sites are saying it is the other way around. Let the debate begin. 😂


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We've been pronouncing their name as "My-uh" 🙂 

We're really looking forward to expanding their capabilities and are happy to take suggestions (Maia has a feedback option too!) 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@CyJervis  The name Maia (My-uh, to us - but to-may-to, to-mah-to!) was sourced by a very creative member of our internal Customer org - she was the daughter of Atlas in Greek mythology (and mother of Hermes, the messenger god)... keeping it in the family! 

So we look forward to having more family members from the Atlas family 🙂


Great to see this and see how it works etc I'll use Maia for help from now, however from my initial test she wasn't that helpful, i do however get she's learning if nothing else it will give you more real world comments to help improve the responses.


Hi @VarunGrazitti 🙂


This is really amazing, excited to see this coming up. 

Hope with training will help us to navigate the community with a more wonderful experience.😊


I really like Maia, she has an attitude like me - 😂🤣





Can you help me with setting up approvals?

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