#JonVoyage: a case of real-time social media tracking

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Jon Stewart’s final episode of the Daily Show created quite a buzz on social as the entertainer bid farewell after 16 years of broadcast. In order to gauge just how significant an impact Jon Stewart had on social, we used our Lithium social media monitoring tool (i.e. Monitor Wall) to track all Twitter activity during his final show. This tool tracks in real time to show what’s happening around a specific Twitter handle. The feature is used by brands to easily and visibly track and display what their customers are discussing in real-time and what’s trending on social in relation to their brand.


While the Monitor Wall continues to track in real-time, here’s what we saw during his final broadcast:

  • Stewart remains a polarizing figure, but it looks like his supporters won out on Twitter. As his final show was airing, positive Tweets outnumbered negative ones approximately 2 to 1 (6,418 to 3,138). There were 61,000 Tweets overall, so most skewed neutral.
  • Arby's saw more than 1K Twitter conversations during the show, after they aired a good-natured 60-second commercial thanking the host for all the years of mockery.
  • Bruce Springsteen was the most often discussed guest, with 2,160 tweets; Trevor Noah with 1,405; then Olivia Munn with 91 tweets.
  • “Moment of Zen” was by far the most talked about segment, with almost 2,000 Twitter conversations about it.


JonVoyage Image.png

The Monitor Wall is a feature of the Lithium Social Web Analytics platform and is used by brands such as Comcast to track and show their broader organizations the impact social has on the business, real-time customer conversations, early-warnings for customer care/PR issues and social trends around their brands.


For events like #JonVoyage, the monitor wall is ideal as it provides an at-a-glance overview that lets your social team react and respond to trends faster, track sentiment and gauge how people are responding to a campaign. As we saw with #JonVoyage, there was significant discussion and comments about the final airing.


So, who were the most influential people tweeting about Stewart?


In honor of Stewart’s 16 years on the air, we turned to Klout to pull the top 16 people with the most social influence who tweeted about #JonVoyage:


Whether you’re a Jon Stewart fan or not, using a real-time social tracking tool to monitor social provides you with the insight you need to drive a better customer experience. It also allows you to let your organization see for itself how customers are talking about your brand and what matters most to them.


To learn more about the monitor wall and Lithium Social Web, click here.