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Khoros Fresh Features Product Release & Roadmap Webinar 
Watch the latest Fresh Features Live Q&A to learn how you can deliver an unforgettable customer experience that closes the gap between automated and human interactions.

Navigating the Restructured Atlas
We have nearly completed restructuring Atlas and are excited to be closer to utilizing Aurora's new features to make our community the Khoros hub for Learning, Discovery, and Support.


AAA streamlines content to create a seamless experience
AAA is a trusted member organization for millions across North America. From roadside assistance to insurance, AAA gives its members peace of mind during life’s pivotal moments. A distributed business model helps AAA serve its customers wherever. The company deployed content-sharing best practices to support its goal of delivering a seamless customer experience across its federation. 


CRM Connector Updates
To ensure that admins can specify values to be automatically populated but also uneditable during manual case creation, autofill rules are now applied to conversations even when the Edit New or Edit Existing options are turned off at the object level.

Care Analytics: Raw Author Export
We’ve added a new Community Email* column to the Raw Author Export that contains each author’s community email address when available.

Transition Existing Surveys on X (formerly Twitter) before June 24
Due to the deprecation of X’s (formerly Twitter) v1.1 APIs, the current native NPS/CSAT feedback surveys will no longer function starting June 24. You can now configure your surveys using the new self-service NPS/CSAT survey feature, which offers the same options as the native X surveys in terms of selecting a question and the appropriate close dispositions. 

Flow Platform Infrastructure Upgrade
The Flow Platform infrastructure will undergo scheduled maintenance for upgrades. This upgrade will result in up to 15 minutes of downtime for the bots and up to 3 hours for the Flow UI, Broadcast, Analytics, and ChatApp. 

Google Business Messages (GBM) EOL
On May 28, 2024, Google announced that Google Business Messages will be discontinued on July 31, 2024. This applies to organizations using the chat feature in Google Business Profile that allows conversations with a brand. 


Consent for third-party cookies usage in Events 
In Communities v23.10, we introduced an enhancement requiring users to explicitly consent for using cookies while uploading or viewing external videos in the posts.

Removed limits on the number of recipients for Private messages
For communities in version 20.6 and later, messaging was limited to 10,000 users per message by default, with the option to configure this limit. With this release, we have removed these limitations altogether. You can now send messages to an unlimited number of users without any restrictions.

Consent to add external videos to Aurora posts
To further comply with the latest privacy regulations, we have introduced a new enhancement to view external videos on the community. We have prioritized member’s compliance by ensuring that external video providers cannot drop cookies without explicit user consent. 

Enabling languages on Aurora
From Designer, you can define which languages are used in your community. You can also set which language to use by default. English is set as the default language for all new communities.

Aurora Analytics
The Aurora Analytics API enables Aurora customers to request metrics and reports that are currently available in the Aurora Analytics user interface (UI). The Analytics API also offers on-demand insights such as the total number of fully registered members who are not deleted or banned.


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