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June Atlas Highlights

Khoros Staff


Hey Atlas Members!

IMG_9251.JPGWe are proud to announce to be one of the first badged partners to integrate with the all-new Content Marketing specialty that is part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program. The partnership includes new TikTok API integrations, making it fast and easy for social media managers to manage their accounts and scale their content on TikTok—all without leaving the Khoros platform.


“It’s more important than ever for marketers to create content that feels native to each channel—TikTok is no exception. As one of the fastest-growing channels, TikTok is becoming integral for marketers’ digital strategy, which is why becoming an official partner was an easy decision,” said Jack Blaha, CEO at Khoros. “We’re excited to expand the breadth of channels our Khoros platform supports to include TikTok, so our customers can have a holistic view of their campaigns and create authentic connections across all channels.”

Check out our TikTok Analytics Tipsheet

As an official badged Partner for the Content Marketing specialty, marketers will be able to publish and respond to content and easily measure the effectiveness and performance of their TikTok campaigns and activity within the Khoros platform. In turn, marketers can make more confident decisions about future campaigns, ad spend, and where to focus their TikTok efforts.

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Winners will be announced on Atlas and Khoros social channels, and will receive an award at Khoros Engage in September. During the conference, award submissions will be on display for attendees to read. Winners will be invited to submit a short video, walking through their success story to be shared with all attendees.

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Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!
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Now available: Manage TikTok directly from Khoros
TikTok is the latest channel to be integrated into the Khoros platform! Maximize your presence on the world’s fastest growing digital entertainment platform

TikTok Analytics Tipsheet
Hear from our Strategic Services team about how to measure success on this unique channel.

Resource Round-up | Khoros Roadmap 2022 | Q2
This post outlines "now available" features mentioned for each Khoros product and helpful resources.

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[Podcast] Gamification in the Wild: Giving back to build Brand Loyalty
Head of Partner & Customer Engagement for Lyft Bikes, Scooters & Transit, @cvetrano found his passion for engagement after being inspired by the Pop Music Industry and running his own American Idol Fantasy league. Now, leading the smallest team with the biggest impact, Chris is looking to give back to the customers that helped Lyft become a leader in ride-sharing.

[Podcast] Keeping It Simple: Building a Memorable Community Experience

We’re honored to be joined by Legendary Khoros Titan, and one of our most respected Atlas contributors, @StanGromer), Director of Community at Upwork. 

With over 20 years of experience, including running gamer forums before he even got to high-school, Stan knows patience is key when nurturing a community. Pull up your notepad and walk away with a few lessons!



TikTok in Khoros Marketing
This wait is over! TikTok publishing, calendar visibility, and analytics are now available to all Marketing customers. 

TikTok Analytics: The Next Engagement Frontier In Digital Engagement
Take a deep dive into reading between the lines of your TikTok analytics and why they’re unlike any other.

4 ways user-generated content can transform your social media strategy
Does your brand’s social media strategy need an upgrade? One answer to your problems could be user-generated content. Read on to find out to tap into your brand's UGC goldmine.



TikTok Moderation Has Arrived!
With the addition of TikTok’s moderation in Khoros Care, brands can now moderate their public comments on their owned videos in Khoros.

Calling all contact centers: We've released agent AI & voice integration
The latest Khoros innovation release is full of new features that make agents' and customers’ lives easier. AI capabilities that will reduce agent stress, new channels that will enhance customer experience, and much more.

The Hybrid Future is Here: Let’s modernize your agent's experience
Your agent’s experience can make or break your customer satisfaction. Learn how to fully utilize Khoros for your Customer Care agents.

It's Time To Update Your Thoughts on A.I.
Humans built Artificial Intelligence to reduce mental work. Khoros built A.I. to reduce customer and agent mental stress.

Community Self-Service + Accelerated Community Management
Self-service goes beyond relieving your support team’s workload. It’s a way to connect with your customers while providing practical ways to find their answers. Give your customers the accurate responses they want while opening up more opportunities for customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive “voice of the customer” feedback.



Set Length of Message Preview for Private Messages
With this release, you can now set the maximum number of the characters in the Length of message preview field under Admin > Features > Private Messages. By default, the number of characters displayed in a private message is 300.

Find and archive community content in bulk
Introducing Bulk Content Archive in Communities to enable community managers to find and archive old, irrelevant content in bulk, thus keeping their community content and conversations fresh.

Atlas Series: Secure Executive Support for your Community
Does your community have executive support? If not, we are here to help!


Webinars & Events
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Best Practices For Your TikTok Strategy Tuesday, June 7
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TikTok Webinar: How to Rock the Tok, Thursday, June 16
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Deep Listening & TikTok, Thursday, June 23
Registration coming soon

Available On-demand

Khoros Roadmap Webinar
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Engaging Atlas Discussions
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Top Engaged Contributors
Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @StanGromer PodcastBadge2.png, @CarolineS , @sdhake , @tyw , @katieoreilly , @Lief , @elbranscomb PodcastBadge2.png, @allensmith81 , @MarkAtTruth , and @JasonHill!


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Looking forward to helping out more on Atlas than I have in recent months as I've finally got my notification emails back! 



Congrats everyone!!!


@tyw and @JasonHill good to see you both back on the list 🙂