Khoros Kudos 2020 Winners

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

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Khoros customers are leaders and champions of progress in many different industries. Their innovative solutions, dedication to customers, and overall awesomeness make us proud to be their partners. This year, we asked them to tell us their success stories, so that we can celebrate their achievements with the Khoros Kudos Awards.

We were amazed at the submissions. From Hikma Pharmaceuticals, who used Khoros Marketing to increase engagement on posts by 73%, to Intuit, who used their community to handle massive spikes in support volume during COVID-19, brands across a variety of industries impressed us with their 2020 stories. We received a total of 92 incredible submissions in 11 categories. This was a tough year in which brands had to think on their feet and continually adapt to moving goal posts.

As impressed as we were with all the submissions, and as tough as the competition in each category was, we unfortunately can’t give everyone a Kudos Award. So here are the winners of the 11 categories. To each winner, and of course to each brand that submitted a nomination, congratulations on a great year — and thank you for a great year of partnership. We can’t wait to see what you do in 2021.


All-Ways Connected — Tealium

Recognizing a customer who successfully integrated Khoros to strategically align people, processes, and technology to connect with their customers in all ways.

To manage company growth, Tealium onboarded Khoros and integrated their community and social media management platforms. Doing so simplified community processes for employees while enhancing communications with their customers. Tealium’s impressive results include a 55% increase in unique community visitors, 40+ badged Tealium product-certified community users, and 250+ product-certified members.

Sensational work keeping up with growth while maintaining a human touch, Tealium!


Best-in-Class: Care — Midco

Recognizing a customer who has been able to utilize the Khoros Care solution most effectively to improve customer satisfaction and manage costs.

Midco’s mission is to be the best communications company in the country for their customers, employees, stakeholders, and communities. With Khoros Care, they’re well on their way. Midco makes use of several Care features, including Snooze and Modern Chat, to provide an unmatched customer experience. This year they achieved a 38k year-over-year increase in digital interactions, a 49% year-over-year decrease in chat average handle time, and a 44% call deflection rate on Apple Business Chat.

Way to max out the features of Khoros Care for some amazing achievements, Midco!


Best-in-Class: Community — Airbnb

Recognizing a customer who has been able to utilize the Khoros Communities solution most effectively to generate growth and accomplish their company mission.

Over the past year, Airbnb has worked with the Khoros team to significantly improve their community experience. The results of their efforts speak for themselves: Airbnb’s community realized 30% year-over-year membership growth and one-third of the community’s lifetime page views occurred in just the past year. Airbnb also reports that hosts who are community members earn 2.5 times more revenue than those who aren’t.

Incredible job making your Khoros-powered Community even more engaging, Airbnb!


Best-in-Class: Marketing — AAA

Recognizing a customer who has been able to utilize the Khoros Marketing solution most effectively to elevate their brand’s customer engagement capabilities and execution.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, AAA had to quickly pivot their carefully-crafted social media calendar and develop content focused on their members’ needs in a rapidly changing environment. Khoros Marketing has helped AAA connect with members in a variety of ways over the past year. AAA even made the Khoros Marketing Contact Center their hub for all publishing and approvals. AAA was truly there for their members on social media during this tough year, as evidenced by their 113% YoY increase in reach, 140% YoY increase in impressions, and 164% YoYincrease in engagement.

Extraordinary work using Khoros Marketing to get your message across and put your members first, AAA!


Better Together — TELUS

Recognizing a customer who has been able to most effectively showcase success in utilizing at least two out of three solutions — Care, Community, and Marketing — as a synchronized customer engagement platform.

TELUS onboarded Khoros Care and Khoros Communities to provide support, solutions, and transparency, achieving their goal of providing best-in-class self-serve digital solutions and customer support. They had some amazing accomplishments this year, including a 98% customer satisfaction rating, $4.7M+ in operational savings, and a 96% likely-to-recommend rate.

Stellar job combining Khoros solutions to achieve service and content-creation excellence, TELUS!


Bottom Line Savings Rock Star — SAS

Recognizing a customer who has demonstrated the greatest return-on-investment (ROI) using Khoros solutions to save money.

SAS used their Khoros community to help streamline communications with their customers, enhance their support offerings, improve response times, and strengthen their relationships with their users. With Khoros Communities, they realized a one-year savings of approximately $7M, and a 1,026% ROI. Additionally, a whopping 74% of customers found an answer to their issue within SAS’s community.

Fantastic job putting Khoros Communities to work and saving big, SAS!


Keep Calm and Carry On — United States Postal Service

Recognizing a customer who has demonstrated their ability to manage and come through a crisis even stronger using Khoros solutions.

COVID-19 has meant unprecedented challenges for many brands, and especially for the United States Postal Service (USPS). This, combined with a national census in an election year with mixed feelings about vote-by-mail, made for a tough year. USPS relied on Khoros to address these challenges and help them listen to customers and employees to solve issues creatively and successfully. For their efforts, the USPS saw a 150% increase in site traffic, reached 423k users with top organic posts, and ranked #1 in corporate response to the pandemic.

You truly embody the spirit of Keep Calm and Carry On, USPS!


Rookie of the Year — Intel

Recognizing a customer who has started using Khoros technology within the past 12 months and has already seen increased success in customer engagement.

Intel partnered with Khoros and was able to integrate their two communities into one platform, including 75 forums. Immediately after onboarding Khoros, Intel’s satisfaction scores improved 7%.

Superb work supporting your customers while improving your products, Intel!


Small but Mighty — Bank of England

Recognizing a customer who has less than three team members and an annual budget lower than $250K who has used one or more solutions to improve their brand’s care, marketing, or community capabilities.

Bank of England (BoE) onboarded Khoros and can now effectively oversee all company workflows, track analytics, and deliver multichannel campaigns. With Khoros, BoE’s lean social media team was able to deliver success with their #TheNew20 campaign this year. They boasted 93 campaign posts, 127k total campaign engagements, and 4.84M campaign impressions.

Banner job increasing productivity while maintaining creativity, all with a lean team, BoE!


The Accelerator — Danone

Recognizing a customer who has best scaled their deployment of a single or multiple Khoros solution.

Danone partnered with Khoros to facilitate their vision of faster, more efficient content activation and social marketing performance that could be easily analyzed. With Khoros, Danone scaled out its deployment of Khoros Marketing globally, training 300+ active users and managing 250+ social media accounts in 25+ markets globally.

Awesome job improving the way your stakeholders work, Danone!


Top Line Growth All Star — Anaplan

Recognizing a customer who has demonstrated the greatest return-on-investment (ROI) using Khoros solutions to increase revenue.

Anaplan wanted to take their more than 30 user groups virtual to connect in new ways. With support from Khoros, they created Anaplan Live: four separate live events throughout the year with content produced by brand members at every level — from training teams to executives. Anaplan brought together 30+ user groups and hosted four live events on their Khoros community. With their live events, Anaplan brought in more than $2.2M.

Amazing work using Khoros Communities to directly impact your business, Anaplan!


Thank you again to every customer who submitted an entry, and congratulations to our Khoros Kudos Award finalists and winners.