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Learn How Social Maturity Drives Business Results

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Missed out on our webcast on “How Social Maturity Drives Business Results”? Don’t worry because we’ve got some key takeaways. Here are some of the great topics of discussion from our webcast a few weeks ago with Melissa Parrish, VP Research Director at Forrester and Dayle Hall, SVP of Marketing at Lithium.


Dayle: “Why do you think the adoption rate is still so low on things like social media technology?”


Melissa: “These people still tend to be fairly young in their careers so they have to manage up and work through a ladder of management to say ‘I think our company can get a lot more out of this if we invest in a platform that will help us become more efficient and more effective.’ However, this process has many hurdles to reach the budget holders in order to explain to them what business outcomes they could achieve.”


Dayle: “How do you see companies handling all these channels today and what’s the impact of dealing with them without technology?”


Melissa: “The fact of the matter is if you’re actually managing 6 or 7 individual channels without technology to help you do it, you’re probably going fairly nuts. You would be spending 40% of your time logging out of one platform into another.”


A key topic that was near and dear to both our speakers’ hearts was Community Management. They see that as social has flourished, maintaining a community has only gotten harder. Not only harder, but more important.


In the midst of all the chaos, your main objective should be to keep these three concepts in line: People, process, and technology. The right people, using the right processes with the right technology. Optimize those three and you will rule out your competition.


Catch the full on-demand version here.  



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