LiNC '16: Insider's Guide to SF

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With LiNC just a few weeks away, we want you to get the most out of your time here! Whether you're coming from across the country, around the world or right across the Bay, here are some of our top recommendations of what to do in SF, from some familiar faces at Lithium.


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Yerba Buena Gardens | @JennC
Just right across from the Marriot Marquis where we'll be for LiNC, this is the perfect place to retreat for some fresh air! Check out the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, a beautiful waterfall with famous quotes from MLK, or stop by Samovar Tea Lounge for a quick bite to eat.


Ride a Cable Car@BeverlyD
What better way to get around San Fran then to travel by a means that has been in operation since 1873.  Basically, there are three cable car routes in operation, and it helps to know their respective destinations. Grab on and have fun!!!


Lunch at Delica (Ferry Building) | @JaniceK
For a low-key lunch with good people watching, grab a bento box at Delica in the Ferry Building, sit outside watching the ferries come & go. Just watch out for the seagulls- apparently they like Japanese food (or any food for that matter)! Wash it down with a gingersnap from Miette bakery (also at the Ferry Bldg). Enjoy!


Golden Gate Park | @RichRe
Whether you're an adult or a kid, you will enjoy this place and the sense of wonder that it imparts. It's set in beautiful Golden Gate Park and is the "only place in the world to house an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum, as well as innovative programs in scientific research and education—all under one living roof."


Zazie's | @SahanaU
A local family-owned restaurant with the freshest produce and most delicious brunch menu.
Pro-tip: Dine outside on the patio and order an elder flower mimosa to accompany your brunch entree.


Coit Tower@NicolA
It's just far enough from the conference location to be considered exercise and the stairs to the top will get your heart racing. If you need more incentive, you'll be rewarded with an amazing view of the city, including two bridges.


Land's End | @KellySull
Perhaps one of the cooler hikes in the bay area- opens your eyes to the fact that in 7x7 miles of concrete jungle that is SF, there are always nooks and crannies to escape to (if possible) even more beautiful sights.


Beach Blanket Babylon | @FranciscaF
Miss seeing them at LiNC '15? In the words of Francisca, "It's the best show in SF." Enough said.




What are you looking forward to doing in SF? What recommendations do you have? Share them in the comments below!


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Honored Contributor

Can anyone recommend a good, "nay" amazing BBQ joint...

Occasional Commentator

Thanks for posting useful tips about SF, these will definitely come handy for a first time visitor like me to SF and LiNC,


Will explore these places after LiNC is over 🙂

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hey @Fellsteruk


I've only been once but I really liked 4505 BBQ -


My wife loves burgers and she said this is one of the best. The brisket was pretty good too.


@skrai - we're excited to have you in SF and to host you at your first LiNC! Safe travels.



Honored Contributor

@RickyS thanks will try that place 🙂 

Khoros Guru

You probably know one thing about San Francisco : it's a photographer dream !! No need to go to any special place, pictures are everywhere around you, wherever you are. Just don't rush, let yourself be more and more infused by the mood, the air, the colors, the people.... Don't shoot instantly, thru the cab window for instance, or even worse idea, at the airport before customs Smiley Very Happy those pics will go to the trash anyway, because you're gonna do so much better ones after a little while (like about one hour walking in the city).

LiNC 16 discover SF.jpg


Once this said, still, here's some 2 amazing view points, not very well known, advised by my friend @JakeRo in March.


- Bernal Heights Park ( : you won't walk there (you will Uber). It's a hill you are seeing on the left of the highway when coming from the airport. 4 pics of the collage were taken there. Really worth it. Very nice neighbourhood too. I've spend more than one hour, almost alone, top of the hill early one morning. Fascinating.


- Grandview 'park' ( : not really a park, a small very high hill with a fantastic view over the city, the Golden Gate park and the Ocean. Typical SF place where it's SUPER chilly but every local is wearing only bath suits or kind of ! Smiley Very Happy


And as already mentioned :

- Land's End is a must. You cannot believe you are still in the city

- The view from the other side of the Golden Gate bridge is really magical

- Coit Tower : if i'm not wrong try to get there following Greenwich Street and climb the greenwich steps, especially if you like plants, flowers and a countryside feeling !!


Let's stop here or i'm gonna miss my plane Smiley Very Happy


Frequent Commentator

Great comments @ArnaudL that also reminds me to encourage folks to walk to the Embarcadero in the evening to see the Bay Lights. I saw a presentation from its designers this weekend who are working with the city on several other amazing light as art sculptures for other parts of the City and the East Bay... turning SF into a canvas.



Khoros Guru

You cannot be more right @vampituity !!! Of course everyone should do this (too) !! Smiley Very Happy