LiNC 2016: My Manifesto

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We are about to open registration for our LiNC event in June 2016. I get a lot of questions about what it takes to run LiNC, and I get a lot of opinions on what I can do better. I am OK with both of those, because LiNC means a lot to the people who attend. It’s bigger than just an ‘event’.  To kick off this year’s gathering, I thought I would share my LiNC manifesto for 2016.



LiNC is: Greater than the sum of its parts.


The LiNC experience is unlike any other event. It is an experience from the second you receive the first invite, to the last slide on the main stage as the lights fade and the music rolls.


When you join Lithium as an employee, you become part of a promise and a tradition that started many years ago. To deliver the greatest event experience to our customers, prospects, partners and employees. This event is a reminder of who we are. 


LiNC is what our company stands for--from the highest vision to the smallest feature and from the person you meet at registration to our leaders on the stage. LiNC is how we show up, and the feeling you get from working with us.


For our team, it’s a constant in our life for 12 months of the year. Even before we are making things happen live, we are dreaming, innovating and planning to make the next LiNC better than the last.


LiNC is truly greater than the sum of its parts. It is networking and learning, inspiration and execution. It is colleagues, peers, friends and family.


This year, we will deliver inspiring keynotes that remind us why we do what we do and give us the courage and strength to drive change and innovation in our organizations.  We will deliver training and education so we can all grow our personal presence and be more fulfilled in our daily lives. We will deliver an immersive and welcoming environment where it is safe to share ideas, experiences and fun with everyone there.


My commitment to you, on behalf of all the team, is to deliver the greatest event experience.


This will be my 6th LiNC event: 1 as a prospect, 2 as a customer; and 3 as an employee. I am more excited about this event than I have ever been.


And with that, I say, ‘Welcome to LiNC 2016’. 



Click here to join the events group and find out about the Alumni registration for LiNC 2016.